UIC Proposes Three Infill Homes in City’s Skinker-DeBaliviere Neighborhood

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UIC Pershing_Skinker DeBaliviere

There aren’t a lot of opportunities for infill in the Skinker-DeBaliviere neighborhood just on the north side of Forest Park. However, new construction may be coming to one corner that has sat vacant for decades. Owned by the City of St. Louis since at least 2008, UIC has designed three single-family homes for 6001-6007 Pershing Avenue.

UIC will provide development services, construction financing, architecture and general contracting on the project. The corner lot is planned to be a custom-built home for the property owner, a longtime resident of the neighborhood, with the remaining two lots being for-sale homes.

The project is set to go before the city’s Preservation Board June 27th. The site is within the Skinker-DeBaliviere- Caitlin Tract Historic District. The homes are meant to echo the mix of architectural styles in the district.

The St. Louis City Cultural Resources Office has recently produced the New Construction Standards Based on Compatibility report (PDF), seeking to better define and encourage compatible contemporary infill in the city’s many historic districts. UIC is one of the firms that has consistently pushed the boundaries of historic district ordinances. Its recent plan for Benton Park infill presented an historic form with contemporary elements.

UIC is well known for its Botanical Grove development in the City of St. Louis. The develop-design-build company has sold four new construction homes in The Grove, across from it’s first custom home. Another custom home is on the way, and the company has completed infill in the Central West End, broken ground on new construction apartments in Shaw, and designed a now-completed contemporary mixed-use building on Manchester Avenue.

UIC Pershing_Skinker DeBaliviere6001-6005-6007 Pershing setback_UIC 6001-6005-6007 Pershing_UIC 6001 Pershing_UIC

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  • rgbose
  • Ice_Burned

    I think that was once the Wash U. Co-op house next door. If I’m not mistaken, at one point they were using the lot next door for gardening or something like that.

  • BDavis

    I grew up playing in this lot with my friends. It was so lush and full of trees – perfect for the kids and families in the neighborhood. Is this area more student oriented now? What happened to it?

    I also remember growing up that the landlord who owned 6015 Pershing was the worst. The ceiling collapsed onto my bed when I was 8. Although he let the apartment go to crap, I thought the area was beautifully integrated. I hope it stays kid/family oriented.

    • rgbose

      It really needed a mow when I went by there a few weeks ago.

      Certainly the apartments are more student oriented.

      Some neighbors are very concerned about single-family homes being rented to students.

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  • Paul Hohmann

    The project was approved by the Preservation Board per CRO recommendation.

    • rgbose

      What do you think of the big window? Seems awkward.

      • Paul Hohmann

        I think it looks okay. It is not unusual for a house to have a feature window. This is simply a contemporary interpretation.

  • rgbose

    What’s with the big window on the one at the corner? Cyclops House?

  • Imran

    Flanked by multi family buildings on both sides, the site would have been better off with a well-designed multi-unit building that maximizes the potential of a corner lot. The houses look okay and are better than a vacant lot but I suspect what once stood at this corner would put this proposal to shame.

    • Dominic Ricciotti

      I agree, but if three detached are necessary, UIC and its patron should surely consider flat-roofed designs, as with their contemporary work in the Grove.

      • Alex Ihnen

        Other than the custom home, the UIC stuff in The Grove has pitched roofs. Skinky-D has a big variety, but I think more pitched roofs than flat – at least on single-family homes. It’s definitely a mix over there.

        • mpbaker22

          I would have thought more flat roofs with front accent pitches/facade roofs. But that’s totally anecdotal.

          • Alex Ihnen

            East of Des Peres is pitched, west is flat on apts, and some of what you mention:

          • David

            and east of de peres is single family, west is multifamily i mean multistudent housing.

          • mpbaker22

            Ok I’m not that familiar with the area I guess. I just happened to visit a friend who lives nearby recently (West of des Peres) and he had a flat roof with facade slope.

            And we actually happened to talk about how his roof compared to his neighbor’s roof. A lot of formerly slate facades that have been removed.

      • tztag

        agree, first thing I thought