NextSTL welcomes submissions from contributors who have news, inside knowledge, or a unique perspective on topics relating to development, preservation, urban planning, transportation, or public policy in the City of St. Louis. Contributors should be capable of executing all steps involved in producing a finished article, from research to publication. Our contributors seek out the story behind the story and present it to a broad audience in a clear and concise manner.

The majority of successful articles range from 500-800 words however longer features are acceptable when the subject warrants it. While NextSTL reserves the right to edit submissions for compliance with our guidelines and policies, it is expected that submissions are well-written in publish-ready format.

Any financial relationship with companies or individuals mentioned in articles must be disclosed. Similarly, accepting outside payment from one of these sources compromises the integrity of our publication and is not permissible.

As a largely volunteer-based operation, NextSTL recognizes the devotion and hard work of each author in the pursuit of improving the City of St. Louis. While most articles are written on a volunteer basis, compensation is available for breaking news articles, stories that give rise to constructive discussion in the form of comments, and/or those with high numbers of unique pageviews.

Complete articles can be sent to [email protected]. If this is your first submission, please include a 2-5 sentence author bio outlining your background and experience.

Looking to contribute in another way? We are also seeking quality photographers, tips & leads, and story ideas. Reach out at [email protected].