AHM Plans Third Morgan Ford Development

AHM Plans Third Morgan Ford Development

AHM Group is proposing what would be their third new construction development along Morgan Ford in the Tower Grove South neighborhood. The four-story apartment building would be at the corner of Morgan Ford and Juniata. The architect is JEMA who were the architects for AHM’s other two developments nearby, MoFo and Yio.

“The Morganford” is a placeholder name

AHM already has ownership of the existing buildings at 3146, 3148, and 3150 Morgan Ford. The combined land area of the three parcels is 12,500 square feet. Planned are three stories of 36 market-rate apartments, all one bedrooms, with sizes ranging from 520 to over 700 square feet. Rent would be $2.20-2.25 per square foot. All apartments come with balconies. At ground level are the entrance at the corner and parking.

There is an outdoor amenities deck facing Morgan Ford with seating and fire pits. There are 37 parking spaces planned inside the building on the ground floor accessed from Juniata which, unfortunately, creates a blank wall along most of the Morgan Ford and Juniata frontage. The amount of parking is in deference to the neighborhood’s desires according to AHM.

The estimated project cost is $11M. AHM says it will not seek any tax incentives. Currently, the three properties average $235k in assessed value per acre. If the Assessor appraises the new building at say $6M, the assessed value per acre would be $4M, 17x higher.

The existing buildings at 3146 (built 1895), 3148 (built 1910), and 3150 (built 1902) Morgan Ford are in the Tower Grove Heights historic district. Demolitions will be reviewed by the Cultural Resources Office and likely go before the Preservation Board. The preservation calculus is tougher in this case than when the replacement is being judged versus vacant or low-productivity auto-oriented land use.

It would also go before the Board of Adjustment since the parcels are zoned F. Neighborhood Commercial, which has a height limit of three stories. It may need other variances.

What redevelopment might be next along Morgan Ford? The used car lot at Arsenal and Morgan Ford is for sale.

Update: On July 24, 2023 the Preservation Board voted to withhold preliminary approval 3-1.


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