Morgan Ford in TGS May See Three-Story, 26-Unit Mixed-Used Project

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Planning and design work is progressing for a mixed-used project on Morgan Ford Road in the city’s Tower Grove South neighborhood. An envisioned project would replace a car wash as Morgan Ford and Connecticut with a three-story, 26-unit apartment building with 6,000sf of street-level retail on the 0,42-acre site

From JEMA:

JEMA’s design for a mixed-use residential and retail ground-up building located in south St. Louis is moving forward. The project is located on Morgan Ford Road and is aptly named MOFO. The design concept utilizes a series of solid and perforated corten steel panels, iron spot brick, and wood panels creating a proportion and rhythm reminiscent of historical south St. Louis buildings and streetscapes.

Morgan Ford Road elevation:

Connecticut Road elevation:

Morgan Ford and Connecticut:

Existing site:


Images added 5/24/17:

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  • STLrainbow

    This would be approximately 1,300′ from the new Alpha Brewing location.

  • Dahmen Piotraschke

    is it affordable?..the traffic will be loud.

    • Adam

      so don’t live there.

      • STLrainbow

        Don’t think traffic noise will be much of a problem. If they ask for subsidies there should be at least a few units — say five or so — set aside for more affordable rents.

  • Joseph Frank

    Mo Fo is a ridiculous name, but the building is a huge improvement over that car wash! Morganford from Arsenal to Utah has really blossomed into an interesting and unique district. BTW, Morganford does go about 8-10 blocks into the County, my family once had a farm along there about where Hanover Courts subdivision is now. Also the Donut House is a great little shop on the corner of Morganford and Seibert.

    Also, I noticed yesterday the old QT on Kingshighway at Fairview was recently demolished.

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  • Nick

    In case anyone’s interested, apparently Morgan Ford used to be Russell Place, back in 1875

    • Guest

      Thanks for your interesting info and link…! “Do the research”…can’t beat that…!

  • miguel2586

    And while we’re at it, how come some street signs read Lafayette while others say La Fayette?

    • STLrainbow


    • That is an egregious mistake by the Streets Department.

  • John

    Great to see a development that “checks the boxes” in terms of favorability, function and design. Keep the quality projects coming! I hope the builders follow through with high-end construction materials and quality landscaping.

  • Charlene Earlywine

    It’s Morgan Ford Road because it referred to Morgan’s Ford which was at Deer Creek.
    If the car wash is going away, that spot would be the prefect place for a dog park. Also that 7-11 is locally owned.

  • Adam

    awesome. awesome. awesome.

  • Brett McMahon

    Happy to see that my property value will be rising in the future 🙂

  • rgbose

    Great to see higher productivity land uses!

  • Paddy Mac

    This is just one block over from me on Wyoming and I couldn’t be happier to see that miserable car wash go. I hope 7-11 is next and I’d love to see that awful Phillips gas station replaced/updated as well. I hate it…but maybe that’s just me

  • Aleksey K

    Thank God, that carwash is such an in-operational eyesore

  • brickhugger

    I like; as for the parking, does the building at the SE corner of Conn. and Morganford stay?

    • STLrainbow

      Do you mean the old Plaza donut shop and restaurant? That is being remodeled for a head injuries nonprofit that has a cupcake food truck; I believe the project is a cupcake brick-n-mortar place and medical equipment sales.

  • Jason Stokes

    This is great. Would love to see them buy the 7-11 next door and take up the whole block. Could put a new convenience store in one of the retail bays and it would be a win-win-win across the board. Love this density.

  • m

    Great project! Looks awesome. Also, it will get rid of the trash that lingers at those car washes. We need to get rid of them.

  • Presbyterian

    Great project. I nominate the 7 Eleven to get redeveloped next. 🙂

    • STLrainbow

      The next mixed-use redevelopment I’d like to see in TGS is the old QT on S. Kingshighway.

    • SouthCityJR

      I’m confused. Based on the second to last pic, I thought 7-11 was going away?

      • Jason Stokes

        7-11 shows as a shadowed box in that picture. It’s hard to see but it’s there.

      • Chris Orlet

        Heard the owners of 7-11 are asking too much. Typical giant out of state corporation holding back progress.

  • STLrainbow

    I’ve pledged to myself that I am going to oppose this project to the fullest extent of my capabilities until such time as a donut shop gets signed for the retail. A donut desert in TGS shall not stand!

    • Jessica Stutte

      There are donuts about 30 feet away…

      • planb247

        Um, 7-11 doesn’t count.

        • Chris Orlet

          We really do need a good donut shop in TGS. Something like Vincent van Donuts.

  • Nick

    Looks like an awesome project. I would like to see this type of project on empty and underused lots all over town.

  • Jerry Foster

    Where will the people living there park? Parking is a problem on Morgan Ford already.

    • STLrainbow

      garage parking with access from Connecticut… looks like they plan on petitioning for the street to become two-way for at least that short stretch to accommodate that access.

    • Dahmen Piotraschke

      yes it is..and turning ONTO..Morganford from any street is dangerous..with trucks and cars blocking any view to turn…it sometimes is a “do or get hit ” danger turn.

      • Adam

        so not enough parking but also too much parking. lets just demolish everything so there’s nothing but parking and unobstructed views to the horizon.

    • Riggle

      Are you feeble minded?

  • Been waiting for this one! Pretty cool! Is the gas station gone too?

    • STLrainbow

      gas station?

      • I meant the 7/11 whoops! I always forget they don’t sell gas.

  • Go Cardinals!

    very, very happy about this! But future residents be warned – it gets crazy LOUD! when the huge 18 wheelers drive past on Morganford.

    • Wobbuffet

      Annnnd I just bought right near there. Also, my fiancée works nights. She’s gonna be thrilled…

      • Ashley

        desk fans do wonders to drown out noise while sleeping! 10/10 would recommend

    • John

      Good point about the noise. Attention to the builders…soundproof glass, please. All builders should keep this in mind…soundproofing is a MUST.

  • Blake Eastwood

    Love the planned building, great to see a modern interpretation on South City architectural elements. But please, edit all references of Morganford Rd. It’s one word.

    • STLrainbow

      No; it’s Morgan Ford. Morganford in the County.

      • CoolGuy

        No, it is one word

      • Blake Eastwood

        Huh? I live iust a few streets off Morganford in the city, it’s definitely one word, Morganford, and have never seen it listed as Morgan Ford. Once Morganford runs into the county, it’s called Union.

        • Alex Ihnen

          Street signs say “Morganford Road” for at least a couple blocks in the County before turning to “Union”.

          The City of St. Louis website database uses, “Morgan Ford Road”.

          Google uses “Morganford”.

          Banners on the light posts read “Morgan Ford”.

          The street signs read “Morgan Ford”.

          • Blake Eastwood

            Good insights. It certainly seems it’s a bit all over the place. Though, for the sake of the article, I would suggest some consistency in use. “Morgan Ford in TGS May See Three-Story, 26-Unit Mixed-Used Project” as the title seems like it could allow for some confusion. At first glance, is it a new FoMoCo dealership, or is this someone’s name?

          • Wabash

            There’s no confusion. The project is on Morgan Ford.

    • Nick
      • Blake Eastwood

        Ha, touché. I guess my office is actually on Man Chester Ave.

    • It’s actually Marganfard!

      • STLrainbow

        this is the correct answer.

        • john w.

          Only if you’re a Hoozh

    • Guest

      As a 68 y/o guy who’s lived in the immediate metro St. Louis area all my life, I remember it being “Morganford”. The spelling “Morgan Ford” is new to me. C’mon…isn’t there an historian who can clear this up and tell us the true spelling of the name with some history to back it up? I’ll go with that, even if “Morgan Ford” is correct, but I kinda doubt if that’s the correct spelling.

      • STLrainbow

        Here you go…

        I’m a Morgan Ford man myself.

        • Guest

          Thanks for taking the time to find that link for this lazy ol’ geezer. But it’s still not clear to me. So, I decided to my own little search and found an 1893 city map on line. On the map it’s clearly spelled “Morgan Ford”…which surprised me…and is a little more solid evidence.
          Here’s the link, which the map can be enlarged by clicking the magnifying glass icon:

          • STLrainbow

            I looked briefly for old maps yesterday w/o luck so way to rock the internet ol’ geezer! Intuitively, “Morgan Ford” makes sense to me for a historical road named after a geological feature. Probably at some time later it was shortened.

          • Guest

            Makes sense…!
            I searched for a bit by clicking ‘images’ on the browser. That way you see just the images that might be on a site that matches the search. You probably already know that, but I thought I’d ad that for those who might not.

  • Colocon

    Fantastic! This is exactly the sort of infill St Louis needs!

  • Ben Harvey

    I think this is my favorite building design proposed in STL in a looooong time

  • Framer

    Hey, that’s pretty nice!