Wyomo 3201 Morgan Ford Building Permit Submitted

Wyomo 3201 Morgan Ford Building Permit Submitted
View from Morgan Ford

Developers Kyle Howerton, Rob Maltby, and Michael Anderson submitted a $4.9M building permit application June 29th for Wyomo at 3201 Morgan Ford in the Tower Grove South neighborhood. This follows their new three-story mixed-use building up the street, MOFO Urban Residences, at 3172 Morgan Ford. JEMA is the architect and created the renderings in this article.

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View from the corner of Wyoming and Morgan Ford

We first heard about the development in 2018. Most notably it incorporates the existing traditional building constructed in 1902 at the corner, integrating it with the new construction behind (a detached garage will be demolished) and to the south of it filling the street wall. At four stories it will be the tallest building along this stretch of Morgan Ford. The fourth story is set back providing patio spaces with the third floor roof line matching the existing building. The brick color fades to black the further they are from the existing building.

A commercial space of 1,364 square feet will occupy the ground floor of the existing building at the corner. The plans have grown from 20 apartments then to 27 now. So has the cost- $3.7M then to $6.5M now, no doubt in part due to material cost increases. Rob Maltby said lumber costs for the project have increased by $700k since 2018.

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View from Wyoming

The building includes 27 parking spaces, meeting the city-mandated 1 space per dwelling unit. In 2018 the Board of Aldermen approved a 10-year 95% tax abetment of the additional assessed value due to the development. The assessed value per acre is currently $276k. Land productivity will increase albeit not a whole lot until the abetment ends. Fortunately since this is infill, the land productivity side of the municipal solvency equation increases while the public’s infrastructure obligation doesn’t. In the meantime the residents will add economic activity to the walkable area. Bonus- with things close together transportation modes cheaper and safer than driving are practical thus freeing more wealth potentially to be spent locally.

It will be exciting to see this one go up!

Update Dec 13,2021 – The site is ready for construction


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