Loop Trolley Corridor Photo Tour: Delmar East of Des Peres

Let’s continue our journey along the Loop Trolley corridor with the section of Delmar from DeBaliviere to Des Peres. See the first installment: DeBaliviere.

This section of Delmar is most stroad-like, prioritizing level of service for cars, yet with too many curb cuts to count. The Everly looms in the distance

A crosswalk is missing on the west side of DeBaliviere at Delmar

Social Security office – tax-exempt

Betty Jean Kerr People’s Health Centers – tax exempt

Trolley passing section

BP gas station at Goodfellow. It was rebuilt a few years ago.

A crosswalk is missing on the east side of Goodfellow at Delmar

Redevelopment opportunity at this low-productivity auto-oriented land use on the northwest corner of Goodfellow and Delmar. It’s owned by someone in a little town in Tennessee and two years behind on taxes. My dream would be a 3-4 story building with a hardware store on the ground floor.

Development opportunity at 5819 Delmar

5835 Delmar, owned by the same company as the empty lot next door, could use some sprucing-up. 5841 to the left is owned by someone in St. Charles.

Metro’s DeBaliviere Garage – Tax Exempt

{H3 Studio} The Skinker DeBaliviere Neighborhood Plan shows the possibility of the garage being redeveloped.

The infamous History Museum lot. This may be the most appropriate place for structured parking similar to the garage across from the Tivoli.

The Pageant Theater used to be at 5855 Delmar

The south side of the 5800 block of Delmar is complete. Laurel St. connects to Delmar. It is the only open street from Skinker DeBaliviere to Delmar. Though one-way towards Delmar, drivers often use it to go south.

The boarded-up 5878 Delmar. A $425,000 permit has been pulled to fix it up. There is a Trolley stop here.

The Alanson at Delmar and Hamilton

Loop Trolley Barn

Wouldn’t be complete without a lighted sign!

The crosswalk on the East side of Hamilton at Delmar…

Has been combined with the Trolley stop. Hopefully after repaving and striping drivers will resist storing their cars here.

Redevelopment opportunity at 5897 Delmar- former home to the infamous Pete’s Shur Sav.

Awkward crosswalk on the south side of Delmar and Hamilton

The Gotham Annex on the northwest corner of Delmar and Hamilton

Vacated Hamilton for the Ill-conceived Lucier Park.

The Skinker DeBaliviere Neighborhood Plan shows options for enhancing Lucier Park. Option 2, which would reconnect Hamilton and Washington, would be great. It’s a tough lift as it would require a vote of the entire city.

Development opportunity at 5900 Delmar, though I’d rather it become part of a reconfigured Lucier Park.

5920 Delmar waiting for a new life.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Hall – tax exempt

Tax-exempt car storage for the Jehovah’s Witnesses Hall

Development opportunity at the corner of Delmar and DeGiverville

DeGiverville is blocked at the alley.

Awkward crosswalk on the south side of Delmar and DeGiverville. Why put curb cuts at the corner which spits you into the intersection instead of in the direction of travel?

Redevelopment opportunity at this low-productivity auto-oriented land use at 5935 Delmar

St. Louis Artworks at 5959 Delmar

Redevelopment opportunity at 5967 Delmar

5977 Delmar home of the Metrolink Patrol Station

Redevelopment opportunity at this low-productivity auto-oriented land use at 5989 Delmar. What happened to the bus shelter?

Redevelopment opportunity at this low-productivity auto-oriented land use at 5970 Delmar

Redevelopment opportunity at 5980 Delmar.

No left turn from EB Delmar to Hodiamont nor SB Hodiamont to Delmar, though I did once see a semi go the wrong way on Delmar until it could access the EB lanes a bit to the east.

Delmar looking east near DeGiverville. The Skinker DeBaliviere Neighborhood Plan calls for a road diet for Delmar from Des Peres to Goodfellow. That would be welcome.

Wabash Station

{H3 Studio} The Skinker DeBaliviere Neighborhood Plan shows the station becoming the entrance tot he Metrolink Station as well as access from the south side of Delmar. Maybe someday.

The Trolley stop at Wabash Station

A pedestrian dream come true- a one-lane-wide crosswalk

An awkward crosswalk on the south side of Delmar at Des Peres

The pavement along this stretch is beat to hell. Repaving is imminent. I plan to take photos of the result. Also the corridor is riddled with litter, weeds, and debris on the street and on sidewalks. This needs to be addressed.

The East Loop CID was created last year to address those issues and further efforts to enhance the area. It’s funded through an assessment based on square footage of land, square footage of building (upper stories are at a lower rate). See an article in the Times of Skinker DeBaliviere for more (Page 6).

New pavement!

It appears striping has helped to keep drivers form parking in the crosswalk. There is about 925 feet between this crosswalk and the one at Goodfellow. If development picks up one should be added at Laurel.

  • kjohnson04

    Why were they talking about redevelopment of the DeBaliviere Garage? I know they hate mass transit here, but a literal third of buses used by Metro are parked there. The same was true in the streetcar era. That garage is of operational importance to the system.

  • Luftmentsch

    We shop at that Family Dollar (and so do a lot of other people.) My kids grew up playing on the playground at Lucier Park and had soccer practice there for years.

    I think you should be more cautious about condemning things as “ill-conceived” or under-utilized.

    • wabash

      I agree with the author. Lucier Park looks and feels like an empty-lot afterthought of a park. And while having the Family Dollar is fine, the 40+ parking spaces surrounding it seems wasteful.

      • Luftmentsch

        The park needs investment. St. Roch and Crossroads used to use it for soccer practice, but the city has failed to maintain the field. Bleachers were vandalized and destroyed years ago. Alderman Williams has not given it the kind of support and attention it demands. Yes, it looks horrible today, but it’s a vital neighborhood amenity.

      • Luftmentsch

        I’m sorry that the Family Dollar parking lot seems “wasteful” to you. Perhaps you could offer shoppers a tutorial regarding the environmental benefits of walking, biking, and taking the trolley. I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

        • Wabash

          Nothing wrong with how people are getting there, just the volume of parking spaces being provided. There’s literally no need for that many spaces. The whole lot along the western side of the building could be put to a better use, and no one – driving/parking shoppers included – would be worse off.

          Having 20+ extra spaces for the amount of patronage your business gets is what seems wasteful.

    • rgbose

      I never said the Family Dollar had to go away. It can be a apart of a more productive land use.

      Nor did I say a reconfigured Luciar Park should forbid soccer or not have a playground.

    • Alex Ihnen

      I hope there’s room for a discussion of land use and design that isn’t reduced to the base Family Dollar, and/or the people who shop there, is good or bad.

      • Luftmentsch

        Absolutely, but a key lesson of the 1950’s/60s planning disasters is that designers need to respect the fabric of community – i.e. how people actually use things, as opposed to how we (in our unlimited aesthetic brilliance) think they should use things. That Family Dollar happens to be of huge neighborhood importance. With all the problems on that stretch of Delmar, it seems petty and short-sighted to complain about their less-than-ideal parking situation.

        • Alex Ihnen

          I think it was simply called “low productivity”, you prefer “less-than-ideal”. Tomayto, tomahto.

  • rgbose

    Repaving has commenced

  • Rich Stenberg

    Another excellent article. I sure hope you remain active on the new Next St.L, and the Skinker-DeBaleviere community.

  • John

    Great article and insightful photos. This area with all of the redevelopment “opportunities” and the trolley fiasco…sure looks like a hot mess!

    The aesthetics are so sparse and quite honestly, depressing. I hope it can come together and develop in a more aesthetically pleasing way. More trees, clean lane striping and focal points are needed to make this area more enticing for developers, businesses, residents and tourists.

    Perhaps more mini police substations…I could envision several police mini-posts strategically placed to enforce safety. And I certainly hope the trolley has better safety control than the poorly managed Metrolink…another hot mess, unfortunately. I’m “all in” for unique, innovative development and transportation, but it needs to be well managed, safe and efficient for hard-working taxpayers.

  • Why do you call Pete’s Sure Save “infamous”?

    • rgbose

      Neighbors say it attracted a lot of trouble and they lobbied the city to shut it down.

      • Framer

        Technically, it’s spelled “Pete’s Shur Sav”. Just sayin’.

    • Alex Ihnen

      Because it’s more than famous?

  • PD

    Great write up. St. Louis Artworks was a great addition in place of the previous auto shop and the removal of the fence on the front of the parking lot does wonders for the lots look. I also think that gas station is here to stay. Its constantly busy and with the removal of the one down goodfellow on page, its really the only one in the area. I also wish they would open up Des Peres to Delmar. I feel like that street is unnecessarily closed off and cars jump the curb all the time. When they were doing construction there I guess I was dreaming when i thought they were going to open it. Before


  • WikiWild

    $51 MILLION for public transportation (or tourist attraction…) that runs an identical course already covered by the (expensive) MetroLink. The grant money could have gone a long way to connecting areas of the city/county not currently served by any form of light rail. I hope I’m proved wrong and this doesn’t end up being a huge waste of money.

  • HawkSTL

    Nice photos and explanations Richard. First picture with cranes in the background says it all. It’s all coming farther east slowly but surely. I just hope that the Trolley is a net positive and doesn’t stall development that was already happening. Fingers Crossed.

    • rgbose