Groth Guides to the Neighborhoods of the City of St. Louis

Groth Guides to the Neighborhoods of the City of St. Louis

Mark Groth has been documenting City of St. Louis neighborhoods since 2009 on his St. Louis City Talk blog. His excellent guides are being made available on this site with added development images and information, as well as other updates. Click a neighborhood name below to view the guide.

St. Louis Neighborhoods

  1. Carondelet
  2. Patch
  3. Holly Hills
  4. Boulevard Heights
  5. Bevo Mill
  6. Princeton Heights
  7. Southampton
  8. St. Louis Hills
  9. Lindenwood Park
  10. Ellendale
  11. Clifton Heights
  12. The Hill
  13. Southwest Garden
  14. North Hampton
  15. Tower Grove South
  16. Dutchtown
  17. Mount Pleasant
  18. Marine Villa
  19. Gravois Park
  20. Kosciusko
  21. Soulard
  22. Benton Park
  23. McKinley Heights
  24. Fox Park
  25. Tower Grove East
  26. Compton Heights
  27. Shaw
  28. Botanical Heights
  29. Tiffany
  30. Benton Park West
  31. Gate District
  32. Lafayette Square
  33. Peabody/Darst/Webbe
  34. LaSalle
  35. Downtown
  36. Downtown West
  37. Midtown
  38. Central West End
  39. Forest Park Southeast
  40. Kings Oak
  41. Cheltenham
  42. Clayton/Tamm
  43. Franz Park
  44. Hi-Pointe
  45. Wydown/Skinker
  46. Skinker/DeBaliviere
  47. DeBaliviere Place
  48. West End
  49. Visitation Park
  50. Wells/Goodfellow
  51. Academy
  52. Kingsway West
  53. Fountain Park
  54. Lewis Place
  55. Kingsway East
  56. Greater Ville
  57. The Ville
  58. Vandeventer
  59. JeffVanderLou
  60. St. Louis Place
  61. Carr Square
  62. Columbus Square
  63. Old North St. Louis
  64. Near North Riverfront
  65. Hyde Park
  66. College Hill
  67. Fairground Park
  68. O’Fallon
  69. Penrose
  70. Mark Twain/I-70 Industrial
  71. Mark Twain
  72. Walnut Park East
  73. North Pointe
  74. Baden
  75. Riverview
  76. Walnut Park West
  77. Covenant Blu/Grand Center
  78. Hamilton Heights
  79. North Riverfront

Riverview Baden North Riverfront North Pointe Walnut Park West Walnut Park East Mark Twain Mark Twain/I-70 Industrial Penrose O'Fallon Fairground Park College Hill Hyde Park Near North Riverfront Old North St. Louis St. Louis Place Columbus Square Carr Square Downtown West Downtown JeffVanderLou Greater Ville The Ville Kingsway East Kingsway West Wells/Goodfellow Hamilton Heights West End Visitation Park Academy Fountain Park Skinker/DeBaliviere DeBaliviere Place Central West End Lewis Place Vandeventer Covenant Blu/Grand Center Midtown Forest Park Southeast Botanical Heights Tiffany Gate District Lafayette Square Peabody/Darst/Webbe LaSalle Kosciusko Soulard McKinley Heights Benton Park Fox Park Compton Heights Tower Grove East Shaw Benton Park West Gravois Park Marine Villa Mount Pleasant Tower Grove South Southwest Garden Wydown/Skinker Hi-Pointe Clayton/Tamm Cheltenham Kings Oak Franz Park The Hill Ellendale Clifton Heights Lindenwood Park North Hampton St. Louis Hills Southampton Princeton Heights Bevo Mill Dutchtown Holly Hills Boulevard Heights Patch Carondolet


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