The Grove Neighborhood by Grain, Inc.

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If you like videos of St. Louis, you’ve likely heard of Grain, Inc. Their film “Here is St. Louis” garnered a lot of well-deserved attention back in 2012. A follow-up “Here is St. Louis Two” the next year was worth watching and sharing as well. Now, Grain is turning its attention to the city’s neighborhoods. It’s first (of hopefully many) videos is of The Grove (AKA Forest Park Southeast). Check out the food and people they found in this quickly changing part of the city:

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  • Allen

    I feel like you down played the LGBT community that paved the way for this area to grow. This does not feature the sexual orientation diversity. This has been home to many LGBT for so long and this area allowed the LGBT youth to have a community. I personal still love the area and thanks for making the Film. But you missed the section that paved the way. I have been coming to this area for over 14 years. And this area has always been great before those new bars came around. We are seeing another CWE happening again.

  • Trevor Williams

    There needs to be more videos like this, like, ASAP! St. Louis is such an awesome city!

  • chelsysayshi

    For how much the gay bars and their significance to the Grove was mentioned in this video, it would have been nice for them to actually show or profile at least one of them.

  • Michael B

    Loved the attention to the Gramophone, Rise, and Everest, among other local restaurants. I wish they had done some more research on the history of the neighborhood instead of just going by hearsay in the interviews. With the neighborhood’s connection to the 1904 World’s Fair, its growth and then decline, and its recent revival, there is a really interesting story that could have been explained in the same amount of time it took to interview people who were just guessing at it. Maybe I’m just being overly critical because I live in the neighborhood, but I think I’m being fair in saying that it would improve the quality of the presentation, and help accomplish their mission of dispelling some of the worse ideas that people have about St. Louis city.

    The video felt very authentic, and the information he got while walking around is exactly the kind of information you would receive if it was your first time visiting the Grove. Looking forward to seeing more of these on other neighborhoods.

    • Ashley

      I’d be interested to know more of this history. Any place I can read about it online?

    • Allen

      I been coming to this area for so long. I feel like this area is getting gentrify and it’s sad cause what made the grove so special is that it is different from CWE. Why build new building. Renovate the ones there and keep affordable to people so we can keep the diversity that’s always been the grove.

  • PoliteGuest

    Nice video. I hope it encourages people to visit The Grove.

  • Riggle

    “St Louis has a horrible reputation”, ouch

    • Stan TheMan

      Maybe not “horrible” but you can’t deny that our reputation among outsiders, including some from the ‘burbs, is not stellar. Either way this was an awesome video, and a great start to a series highlighting all the great attributes of St. Louis!

      • Riggle

        “The City of St Louis has a horrible reputation” has too vastly different meanings among outsiders, depending if its a true outsider (from a different metro area) or just a suburbanite.

        • jhoff1257

          I do a lot of traveling for work and in my experience the City’s (and by extension, the whole metro area’s) reputation is pretty universally bad. I do what I can to try and sway people the other way because I think St. Louis is a pretty great place, but it usually falls on deaf ears. And no I’m not talking about people from the County.

          • Adam

            Yep, pretty much every time I tell somebody here (Colorado) that I’m moving to St. Louis the response is either “Oh, I’m sorry.” or “OMG, why?” And then if I say it’s by choice they just look at me all puzzled. Granted, this place is a little full of itself right now but still.