Here is St. Louis Two by Grain, Inc.

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The good people at Grain, Inc. have put together a new video highlighting much of what is great about St. Louis. If you like the Fox Theatre, City Museum, or saw the Chelsea v. Manchester City soccer match at Busch, you will see a lot to like. There’s much more than that of course. What’s your favorite? What would you like to see?

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  • guest

    Enjoyed it. Things to consider adding: The Hill neighborhood, the zoo (birdcage?), Missouri botanical gardens (climatron), world’s fair donuts (near mo bot), crown candy kitchen, breweries (AB , schlafly’s), bevo mill, old & new cathedrals, old courthouse, Gus’s pretzels, SOULARD MARKET, shots of the university campuses (with students), Ted Drewes.

    • Speaking of the breweries…I’d kind of like to see a third video of “Working St. Louis.” The restaurateurs, the brewers/line workers, the shop owners, the bus drivers, and white collars. Some of this has been touched on in the previous videos — especially the staffs of several Cherokee small businesses, but a dedicated piece would really help show that there is opportunity here for those who work for it.

    • Matt Seilback

      Thanks for the feedback. Much of what you mentioned here is actually in our first Here is St. Louis video. You can find it here:

  • Presbyterian

    St. Louis: Where the stadiums are full and the theatres are empty.

    • guest


  • mizz1235

    Grain created an earlier video entitled “Here is St. Louis”. That video focuses on the summer and includes Cards video clips. This “St. Louis Two” video seems to focus on fall, winter, and spring. The summer video is great also.

  • T.D.D.

    St. Louis rarely has snow… but they make it look like it is Minnesota in the Winter here. Someone had a hay day with their vid. camera on a obscure STL snow day

    • guest

      Actually the snow shots were some of my favorite part. They give more of the average feel of St. Louis than special events and landmarks. And sometimes we get a good amount of snow, usually at least a few snows a year. My bet is the producer(s) come from an area without snow and so appreciate more than jaded locals.

  • chris

    Of all the St. Louis sports teams shown, the Cardinals were shown the least and they are the only ones to bring a championship of any kind to St. Louis in the past ten years. There were more shots of the soccer game at Busch than the Cardinals playing there…

    • guest

      Last ten years is true, but the Rams did win the Super Bowl here, and in 2013-2014, all three pro teams are looking strong. Having three major league franchises in a region the size of St. Louis is one of the things that raises our quality of life while we enjoy a lower than average cost of living. I guess what’s best about this video is that it celebrates St. Louis, and that’s something good for everybody.

      • Eric

        Wherever you go in the US, once you say you’re from St Louis, people reply “So you’re a Cardinals fan”. And besides the Yankees, the Cardinals have more wins than any other team in the last 10 years. How can you ignore such a well-established and positive part of your brand?

        • Matt Seilback

          Eric, please see note above. Our first video was very summer oriented and features the Cardinals. Since this one was more fall/winter oriented, we focused in on the fall/winter sports. Thanks!

  • grumpy

    St. Louis’s?

  • guest

    This video mostly seems aimed at people unfamiliar with our city’s major attractions and events. Maybe some subtle graphics with the name of the place or the event would help uninitiated viewers understand what they are seeing? “Balloon Glow”. “Great Forest Park Balloon Race”. “Fox Theater”. “Union Station”. Etc.

    Content wise, it’s all cool, but sort of predictable. Heavy emphasis on big events, sports, and major landmarks. It seems this is targeted more at tourists. Yet given the way locals are so often clueless about St. Louis, maybe it’s targeted at locals too.

    • jhoff1257

      I think it’s a fantastic video, but I can certainly see what you are saying. I’ve lived here most of my life (and I’m familiar with much of St. Louis, not just the little municipality I live in) and I could pick out each event and location. I do think it’s probably more geared towards tourists, but I know a number of locals who could use a nice long refresher course of what is happening in and around St. Louis currently. Most exurban locals seem to think what was true about St. Louis decades ago is still true today. I think showing the name of each location would be helpful for those unfamiliar with our fantastic region.

      • guest

        Yeah, there are probably some people who don’t believe most (if not all) of those shots are actually in St. Louis City.

        A few other cool scenes might be: Grants Farm, youth hockey action, Steinberg ice skating at night, Bevo Mill, Lafayette Square and CWE mansions, Moolah lounge theater seating, new entrance to Children’s Hospital, N. Grand water tower, all three city water towers, Soulard neighborhood scenes, Velodrome, Muny full of theater goers. Mississippi River at flood stage with partially submerged Huck Finn statue near Eads Bridge. Old Court House. Old Rock House. Scott Joplin House. Really the list is pretty endless. And captions would definitely help the viewer understand the story/richness.

        • “…partially submerged Huck Finn statue near Eads Bridge…”

          That’s Meriwether Lewis and William Clark with Lewis’ dog, Seaman, returning from their expedition.