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  • Matt Seilback

    Thanks so much for posting our video guys! And thanks to all the those who posted such generous comments here. Video produced by myself (@mtseilback) and my biz partner (@jlexpa).

  • Jacob

    I agree that this is an amazing film, and makes me very excited about living here in this great city.

    However, as pointed out over on the reddit thread on this clip, it seems to be overly white-centric. For a city that’s half black, there weren’t any portrayed.

  • Pertz


  • Christopher Patton

    Bravo, very nicely done indeed. Great job Anastasis Films. St.Louis has a lot to offer.

  • ParallelParker

    Sweet. Nice work by Anastasis Films and Band Called Catch! — and thanks to nextSTL for posting this.

  • Fantastic

  • DA

    THANK YOU! FINALLY! The best part is that they could have made an hour long video and not covered everything about this city. I hope there are more to come. Thanks Anastasis Films! Good work!

  • Makes me love my city even more. Thank you for this!

  • infinitely better than anything cvc has ever produced.

  • T-Leb

    VERY NICE!!!