Citizen Park: New Name, New Images of Opus Project in CWE

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citizen-park_opus_6Citizen Park, AKA the Opus Development Group project at Euclid and Lindell in the city’s Central West End, has a new name and some new images to share. You can head over to their website, or check out what’s new in the images and videos below, and the various renderings offered along the way.

We first reported on the project back in July 2013. Since then, work has progressed more or less as planned. A taller project at the site was scrapped in 2007, and this effort was met with some pushback from area residents. Concerns regarding parking ultimately led to an additional parking level. By January 2014, the design had been refined at least three times to satisfy aesthetic concerns voiced by nearby residents.


As the project nears completion (progress photos by nextSTL contributor Richard Bose), marketing begins to ramp up. There has been no word on retail tenants for the first floor, other than that a restaurant and high-end retail is being sought.

The larger, though shorter, Orion project with a ground floor Whole Foods was recently completed a block south, and the smaller 34 N. Euclid is ready to rise out of the ground next door. Rumors of more residential or mixed-use projects along Kingshighway at West Pine and Lindell remain just that for now.

citizen-park_opus_richard-bose_2 citizen-park_opus_richard-bose_1citizen-park_opus_1 citizen-park_opus_2 citizen-park_opus_3 citizen-park_opus_4citizen-park_opus_8 citizen-park_opus_9


{4643 Lindell rendering 2013}

{Opus #2 added four stories and 40 units to the proposed project}

{Opus #3 introduced two shades of brick, more glass, and Lindell balconies}

{the final rendering for 4643 Lindell}

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  • David Hoffman

    Any word on retail/restaurants for Citizen Park ground floor?

  • Ben Harvey

    Similar project would sure look great at the intersection of Broadway and Wash Ave

  • Don

    It’s curious that Opus seems to be trying hard to not mention these are rentals. Opus has opened a sales office (rental office?) on Euclid complete with kitchen mock up and materials samples. This lead a friend of mine to insist it would be for sale condos. Having always understood it to be rentals, I went to their new web presence and it is really interesting how hard they are working to conceal the fact that these are rentals. I even used the web based contact form to ask point blank, getting a reply that simply forwarded a link with only one mention of ‘rental’ buried deep within.

    Just seems a little curious. Maybe they want to build mystery and buzz?

    • Adam

      They’re probably just trying to avoid a NIMBY uprising.

  • Benjamin Aronov

    So glad as a neighborhood resident that something of class was built. However, can’t help but daydream. Imagine that this was still the 28 story version. And the whole foods 30 stories…. :/

    • Tim E

      Still think their some great opportunities for residential tower whether it be Koplar’s prime spot and or W Pine infill. Lawrence Group now has 28 story rendering for next phase of Foundry development. But either way, will take Opus choice for Citizen Park if It helps Koplar/Koman/Clayco go forward with a signature tower at the corner of Lindell and Kingshighway

      • Benjamin Aronov

        In my wildest dreams, CWE has another few dozen of these towers and it becomes feasible to destroy the West End Terrace Apartment complex and maybe 2-4 behemoth towers go up.

        • Benjamin Aronov

          Just found out that it’s a Bruce Mills property. Would be an awesome spot for something similar to the original Whole Foods building; 30 stories, 320 units. You could fit a couple of them on there too. =)

        • rgbose

          How do we get around the gov’t, lender, and NIMBY-mandated amounts of parking?

          • Benjamin Aronov

            Underground? Or storied parking? You could even redevelop the block with 4 big towers on the corners and a courtyard for a parking specific tower. My biggest concern would be the Church acting as one huge NIMBY.

        • brickhugger

          I don’t know about behemoths, but my dream for that site has long been to replace the current complex with a couple of 8-10 story towers on the east end of the site, and dedicate the western 60% or so as a public park. Forest Park is a regional park, whereas this would be a neighborhood park (complete with a pizza joint on the corner!)

          • Benjamin Aronov

            Is there enough room for a park? Would it be anything better than the existing playground on Washington? Fountain Park isn’t that far away. This land is too valuable to be converted into a park. More residents and development pushed North makes way more sense to me.

      • Dominic Ricciotti

        What is the status of Lindell-Kingshighway project?

    • Adam

      not sure i agree with classy (another brown, pressed concrete facade… yay) but it’s nice to see decent form and more density.

      • Benjamin Aronov

        100% agree on the buildings’ exterior looks. I meant class functionally. It has all the amenities you’d expect of a building in this market. It will attract tenants immediately. Also it doesn’t have some ridiculous draw back like a row of parking or lack of retail. Form wise it’s a solid B/B-. More height and better design would make it an A.

        • Adam

          Agreed. The form is good and the retail space will be great for that intersection.

      • John

        So, were the two shades of brick not carried over from concept 3 to concept 4? If not, I agree. If so, I think the brick is good, and no complaints.

        • Adam

          The stamped (not pressed—sorry) concrete only extends to the second or third floor but it looks absolutely awful. They’re still using 2 shades of brick, both of which look okay on their own but terrible side-by-side, IMO. So far the brick looks decent quality-wise, but as with any brick veneer nowadays there are weird gaps and seems that immediately betray it as a veneer.

          • Adam


  • David Hoffman

    Except for the Park East, it seems that every building going up in the CWE looks the same. How about some variety.

    • Cheers to variety, although the 1920s Renaissance Revival wave in the Central West End produced numerous buildings in the same style. That’s the trend in real estate capitalism–safe, marketable styles. We are fortunate that the “same” for the Central West End west of Sarah Avenue is not on the level of the “same” to the east, where buildings on West Pine (the one next to Cafe Ventana requires an architectural rebus to decipher) are showing that more density does not necessarily mean less dreck.

  • andy s

    Any idea on the average $/SF for the property?

    • David Hoffman

      I was under the impression that it was all rental units.

      • Alex Ihnen

        They are – not sure of $/SF rent.

        • andy s

          From everything I’ve heard, the Clayton market is looking at $2.30-$3.00/SF. If that’s the case, I’d imagine the CWE market would be around the same price point.