Opus Returns: Proposes 177-Unit Mixed-Use Project at Lindell and Euclid in Central West End

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4643 Lindell - St. Louis, MO
{Opus proposal for 4643 Lindell at Euclid}

The Opus Group is proposing an 8-story, 177-unit building for the northeast corner of Lindell Boulevard and Euclid Avenue in the city’s Central West End neighborhood. The proposal includes more than 11,000 square feet of retail space. The site is the same as the 2005 Opus proposal that envisioned a $98M, 28-story, 200-unit mixed use building that met opposition from a vocal minority of adjacent homeowners and was ultimately scrapped in 2007. The new formed-based code covering the southern half of the Central West End calls for a building of 3-12 stories at this location.

In 2005, Opus was building the 89-unit Park East Tower, rising just two blocks to the south. It was more than 60% sold and would prove a commercial success. About the same time, Mills Properties had proposed a huge infill project for West Pine at Euclid. That project was downsized from initial plans and is now moving forward as a 159-unit development with a 30,000 square foot Whole Foods filling the first floor. Opus completed the 52-unit Nine North project adjacent to the Park East Tower in 2009. Although hitting the for-sale residential market at a tough time, the project stood out as a unique offering in the city and Central West End.

4643 Lindell - St. Louis, MO
{Opus proposal for 4643 Lindell at Euclid}

Late last year, Opus announced it would re-open a St. Louis office, to be headed by Joe Downs, senior director of real estate development. Joe worked on the Nine North project during a previous stint with Opus in St. Louis as director of construction and general manager and knows the Central West End market and politics well. The proposal has yet to receive city approval, but given past experience, Opus is unlikely to have proceeded to this point without predicting success. In St. Louis, Opus most recently developed the Dardenne Town Square retail center. The Opus St. Louis office could not immediately be reached for comment.

The 2005 Opus proposal had early backing from Alderwoman Lyda Krewson and received initial approval for TIF support. The American Heart Association never put the lot on the market, but had multiple offers at a reported $3.4M asking price. Opus had the property under contract only to see Heartland Bank buy the property in 2007 for $5.57M. At the time, Heartland stated that they planned to build a bank branch. Opus hoped to work with Heartland to develop the residential tower. By the end of 2007 the Opus project was dead and Heartland never did build a branch. The building has sat empty since the previous plan failed to materialize.

4643 Lindell - St. Louis, MO
{Opus proposal for 4643 Lindell at Euclid}

4643 Lindell - St. Louis, MO
{Opus proposal for 4643 Lindell at Euclid highlights neighborhood amenities}

4643 Lindell - 2013
{4643 Lindell today}

Opus 2005
{Opus 2005 proposal for 4643 Lindell}

City Walk 2005-2012
{Mills Properties “City Walk” proposal – 2005 (left) and 2012 (right)}

Park East Tower - St. Louis, MO
{The Opus Group’s Park East Tower at Laclede and Euclid}

Nine North Euclid - St. Louis, MO
{Opus completed the Nine North Euclid project adjacent to the Park East Tower in 2009}


Opus updated the project’s design in late 2013, adding four stories and 40 apartment units. The design below did not win over Central West End constituents who expressed concerns regarding site design, construction materials, and adherence to historic district standards. The design is expected to be further adapted and eventually win approval from the neighborhood, the city’s Cultural Resources Office and Preservation Review Board.

{revised project design shown here will likely be altered again}

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  • Hasan

    This is awesome. CWE will be the hottest residential market for the next several years.

  • guest

    Who’s ready for demolition and new towers in Dogtown (not counting the Zoo site)?

    • Chris Meyers

      New towers in Dogtown???

      • guest

        Yes! Start on Oakland Avenue across from Turtle Park, selectively demolishing some of the old 2-3 story multifamily buildings, and replacing them with high rise condo and apartment/office towers, overlooking Forest Park and the Zoo!

        The CWE shouldn’t be the only neighborhood with increasing density! Next, look on the other side of the park at Skinker DeBaliviere! Think TOD!

        • Chris Meyers

          That would be awesome! Hopefully there is someone with that type of vision to build out something like that!

  • Joe Huber

    Finally St. Louis is getting an apartment complex of this urban design. Up here in Minneapolis, pretty much every new apartment complex has this urban form, even those being built in the suburbs. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. Opus is a great developer too, really awesome projects, check out their work in the Twin Cities.

  • Presbyterian

    This news just made my day. I think I might actually prefer this to their earlier proposal, which had that silly arch on the base. This will be great. This perhaps is the most sought-after intersection in St. Louis.

  • wabash

    Looks great. I’d love to see it at the 12 floor maximum of the form-based code, but looking around, this building fits right in to its context: The York Apartments, Chase Park Hotel, and St. Regis Apartments are all 8 stories.

  • Kyle Steffen

    Great to see Opus is back at it. Now can somebody please show the Commerce Bank site at Chouteau & Vandeventer to Opus?

  • STLgasm

    Not nearly as cool as the original proposal for that corner, but it definitely beats a vacant two-story box of nothing that currently sits there. Hopefully Opus will sex up the design a little.

  • kjohnson04

    Any reason why projects in St. Louis always peak at about 5 to 7 floors? Fairly certain the city rescinded the vertical height ordinance some time ago.

    It’s a nice start, though.

    • Alex Ihnen

      This proposal is 8 stories. Form-based code calls for 3-12 stories here. The Park East Tower two blocks away is 27 stories. The simply answer is lack of demand and land value. If it could sell it would be built and there’s just too much vacant land/surface lots to justify the prices needed to build high.

  • Don

    Very good news! Does the project include residential parking? It’s hard to tell from the renderings.

  • John

    Decent looking building, but the Central West End needs less brown. The blue Park East Tower looks so good largely because it’s not brown or beige like most buildings around there. More color is needed in this neighborhood! Nonetheless, it’s a nice looking place. Now we just need a nice, sleek, colorful tower built over that huge lot across the street. Not blue again, though.

  • T-Leb

    Ah, somewhere to live!

  • Adam