STLCOP Confirms 190K SF Multi-Use Building Set to Break Ground

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St. Louis College of Pharmacy - Phase II

In April we reported that the St. Louis College of Pharmacy was planning to build again, adding a second contemporary building to the Taylor Avenue streetscape. At that time, available renderings were characterized as early concepts. Today STLCOP has released refined renderings announcing a seven-story student center, residence hall and recreation facility.

Located at the northwest corner of Taylor Avenue and Parkview Place, the building is tentatively scheduled to be completed by December 2016. STLCOP chose Forum Studio of St. Louis as its architectural firm. PARIC Corporation will serve as general contractor. Demolition of Whelpley Hall will begin shortly to make way for the new building.

STLCOP{STLCOP campus in yellow, building nearing completion in blue, new building in orange}

According to the press release, the 190,000 sf building will be home to many varied uses. The first floor will include a large dining hall, reception area, and gymnasium for STLCOP competitive sports. The second floor will have additional seating for the dining hall, meeting rooms, and an intramural gymnasium. A recreation center with a 200-meter, three-lane indoor track will be the main feature on the third floor.

The student center, including a success center and student support offices, will be on the fourth floor. The College’s second residence hall with room for 220 beds will be on the fifth through seventh floors, nearly doubling the College’s on-campus housing space.

A land swap in the last couple years with Washington University in St. Louis gave STLCOP a contiguous campus that allowed for the development of a long range master plan, which is now fully underway.

St. Louis College of Pharmacy - Phase II

St. Louis College of Pharmacy - Phase II

St. Louis College of Pharmacy - Phase II

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  • tbatts666

    Is this building versatile?

    It looks only slightly better than the boring modernist boxes we are seeing popping up. When Stlcop goes out of business will this building be worth anything besides being a campus building?

    Looks like it could a disaster in disguise to me.

    Our willingness to be cheerleaders for it just because it “looks neat” just highlights our desperation and loss of civic life.

    Does this building improve the street?

    • moorlander

      US news has the 150yr old STLCOP ranked as the 43rd best pharm school in the country. What makes you think it will ever go out of business?
      The building looks GREAT by the way.

      • Framer

        Some people go out of their way to find the negative in anything.

    • Adam

      sorry, but i too think it’s a nice-looking building, and that STLCOP isn’t going anywhere.

      • tbatts666

        Let’s hope not, but no organization is immortal.

        We can’t really predict events like schools going out of business right? So shouldn’t we just demand a building style which is versatile (meaning it doesn’t matter if the school exists or not, the building could be repurposed cheaply).

        That is what good urbanism calls for (multi use, human scaled)…. Although maybe civic institutions get off the hook in this rule of thumb for city building.

        In any case it seems to me that this building has a mediocre relationship to the street. It doesn’t matter how pretty a building is if it still relates poorly with street life. (Though there are much worse examples in this city).

        • Adam

          for what it is—a student center and recreational facility for STLCOP students—i actually don’t think it relates poorly to the street at all. i also don’t think you can reasonably expect STLCOP to construct all their buildings with the expectation that they will “go out of business”. i’m not even sure why you think this building is outside the realm of reuse.

        • jhoff1257

          I’d bet a fair amount of money that the 150 year old St. Louis College of Pharmacy will be here far longer then you or me.

          This is a beautiful building. And far more human scaled then the surface lot that occupies most of the site today. Just like the BJC office building is a vast improvement over the loading docks and small services building next to the CWE station.

          You talk about “modernist boxes” popping up everywhere then argue we can’t build specific to a certain institution because they might close one day. Well guess what you get when you build a bunch of generic crap that can be used by anyone? A modernest box.

  • Guest

    Facade looks sweet!
    The synergy of new construction that is occurring presently in midtown is marvelous. Enough new construction to make a St. Louisans head spin.
    Its as if midtown has finally made it to the promise land, and all the dominos are falling into place. So many years of planning and speculation, and now we actually see shovels in the dirt all over the place.
    This is the dawn of a new era that we will be telling our grandchildren about.
    “Its the beginning of a new age”.

    • jhoff1257

      Love your enthusiasm!

      Minor correction though…this is the Central West End.

      • Guest

        Thanks! Sure your right. I should have said central west end and midtown to be technical.

  • rgbose

    Please widen the sidewalks on Taylor!

    • tbatts666

      Judging from that artistic rendition with that overbuilt stroad that car is probably going 40 mph and the peds are shitting their pants trying to cross.

  • Presbyterian

    I’m amazed by the rapid transformation of the Tucker streetscape. This is exciting!

  • Imran

    Did you happen to run across a site plan? I wonder how much of the rectangular lot the building will end up occupying. It looks like its going to atleast pull away from the southeast corner to form a triangular ?plaza

    • Geoff Whittington

      Not yet. I hear BJC is contemplating adding 30 more beds. A new medical office building will also be built.

    • Presbyterian

      This rendering was a massing study, but I haven’t seen a current site plan.

    • Tim E

      Thanks Presbyterian, My understanding is the massing seems to have pretty much remain the same if you take in the orange outline from the google earth with the actual building renderings provided.
      Next up, hopefully a ground breaking of a 200-250k sq foot Wexford US Metal site building. I think that would take announced construction to 1 million square feet between 500k for BJC/Wash U, 190k for SLCop, 60k for Tech Shop/Cortex for the year. That would be huge number to throw at the region and a big plus for city even if it is not downtown.

      • Alex Ihnen

        I don’t expect to hear about a building(s) on the US Metal site this year. We’re likely to hear about residential first.

      • Imran/Ihanaf

        In the third image from the top, they show a car turning west from Taylor on what seems like a new cut-across, separated from Parkview place by a triangular island of ?plantings. This would be consistent with the massing study Pres posted below. Can’t say that I am thrilled about this aspect of the plan. It will be an extra cut interrupting the west sidewalk and an extra vehicular conflict point for pedestrians/bikes etc.

        • Alex Ihnen

          Good catch. Guessing this will serve as a drop-off/pick-up for STLCOP since they don’t have good access to the campus from other sides. With good sidewalks this can be OK, but there isn’t a good history along Taylor of really making a place for pedestrians.