Forest West Properties (WUSTL) Issues RFI for 85 Properties in The Grove

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Forest West Properties RFI - The Grove

Forest West Properties, better known as Washington University in St. Louis, has issued a long anticipated Request for Information (RFI) for 85 properties it owns within the southern half of the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood. The university via FWP has held dozens of most vacant parcels south of Manchester for more than a decade. Options to purchase city-owned parcels could push the number of properties over 100.

In February 2013, the boundary of the neighborhood historic district was extended to include a swath south of Manchester, an area that has to-date failed to attract the investment seen on Manchester and to the north. This is changing as Grove Properties has set it eyes on several properties south, and the neighborhood recently considered competing proposals for additional parcels.

Forest West Properties_2

FWP has dipped its toe into developing this area in the past. Those proposals relied heavily on subsidized, or affordable housing. The RFI seeks “dense market rate forsale housing”, while also stating, “proposals will involve a minimum of 20% affordable housing component.” Development pressure north, but also south from UIC’s Botanical Grove development, has seemingly finally pushed this area toward a larger market rate mix.

The university is betting that timing is right for a major infill boom. nextSTL is aware of at least three homebuilders enthusiastic at the prospects of winning a big mixed-use urban infill project. Proposals will be required to conform to the neighborhood’s new Form Base Code, which requires a more urban development pattern. Multiple developers may ultimately be selected.

The RFI boundary includes the site of a recently approved single-family infill project by UIC. That $500K project is set to retain an existing dilapidated brick home, while introducing an expansive contemporary addition:

UIC custom on Hunt

Grove Properties - Forest Park Southeast, St. Louis MO{this building south of Manchester is set to be rehabed by Grove Properties}

Forest West Properties (Washington University in St. Louis) Request for Information – Forest Park Southeast… by

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  • Presbyterian

    I’m glad they’re stressing density, sustainability and high-quality innovative design. Those specifics are quite encouraging.

  • Mike F

    Good news. Especially nice to hear about the rumored three developers’ interest.

    A little envious of this, living as my wife and I do in Dutchtown. I despair of any of this activity reaching our nabe in five, even ten years. And no (just in case), we don’t have the money to buy and rehab any properties (though I am pretty capable when it comes to the necessary work).

  • John R

    Wait… is this growth spilling over from Vandeventer or from Manchester? It is so confusing! Good to see 20% affordable housing.

  • Ryan

    So if I’m understanding this right, the buildings that are getting RFI’d will be transformed form brick buildings into the rendering?

    • GroveResident

      No, the rendering is a single-family home being built–basically–on top of – and around an existing LRA property. Separate project.