St. Louis Board of Aldermen Races Set

St. Louis Board of Aldermen Races Set

Filing closed for running for St. Louis Board of Aldermen races. The next dates in the primary election-

  • 01/24/23: Application-based absentee voting (both by mail and in-person) begins.
  • 02/08/23: Last day to register to vote in this election.
  • 02/21/23: No excuse needed absentee voting begins.
  • 02/22/23: Last day to request an application-based absentee ballot by mail.
  • 03/06/23: Last day to vote absentee in person (both types).
  • 03/07/23: Election day. All mail-in ballots must be received by 7 PM. All in-person voters must be in line to vote by 7 PM.

Note with approval voting you may vote for as many candidates as you like in the primary and the top two vote getters move on to the April general.

There are new and fewer wards! Be sure to learn which ward you are voting in! Detailed maps. There are a lot of new faces lately due to resignations for various reasons, some infamous.

NextSTL – Ready, Set, Redistrict!


1Anne Schweitzer (I)Matthew KotrabaTony Kirchner
2Phill MenendezTom Oldenburg (I)Katie Bellis
3Shane Cohn (I)
4Bret Narayan (I)Joe Vaccaro (I)Casey Otto
5Joe Vollmer (I)Helen Petty
6Daniela VelazquezJennifer Florida
7Alisha SonnierJ. P. MitchomCedric Redmon
8Shedrick KelleyCara Spencer (I)Ken Ortmann
9Tina Phil (I)Michael BrowningMichael Gras (I)
10Shameem Clark-Hubbard (I)Emmett Coleman
11Laura Keys (I)Carla Wright
12Darron Collins-BeyTashara EarlYolanda Brown
Walter RushSharon Tyus (I)
13Norma Walker (I)Pamela Boyd (I)Lisa Middlebrook (I)
14James Page (I)Brandon Bosley (I)Rasheen Aldridge
Ebony Washington

With fewer wards we has some Thunderdome situation where two or more sitting Alders are running against each other. While not a sitting Alder, Rasheen Aldridge is an incumbent Missouri State Representative. Ken Ortmann and Jennifer Florida used to be Alders. Congrats to Shane Cohn and Board President Megan Green who win by default without an opponent.

Which candidates do you support and why? Will you donate time and/or money? What questions do you have for candidates in your ward?

  • Of particular interest to me is which 7th Ward candidates will kill the not-so-grand gas station proposed for Grand and Lafayette.
  • Which candidates will reduce or eliminate parking mandates?
  • What do they think of merger of some form? Will they approve a slate of Freeholders?
  • What will they do about Paul McKee?
  • What will they do about traffic violence?
  • Support Transit? Biking? Walking?
  • Crime?
  • City services?
  • Homelessness?
  • Development tax incentive?
  • City-wide preservation review?
  • What will they do with Ward Capital funds?
  • Under what circumstance will they use eminent domain?
  • How will they support the SLPS? Would they go against NIMBY constituents to support a development that adds tax base for SLPS?
  • For candidates in the 9th and 11th, what are your thoughts on MoDOTs plans to rebuild/reconfigure I-64?
  • What should be done with the Rams money?

Please add more in the comments!


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