Reproduction Historic Mansion Proposed for Compton Heights

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By now, no one is surprised when Killeen Studio presents a historic replica project. The architecture firm has designed a number of residences in south St. Louis local historic districts. In March, a historic corner retail replica residence in Benton Park took it to another level. Now, the Compton Heights neighborhood may be getting its first new mansion in decades. The historic neighborhood known for the huge homes of past leaders of industry and commerce has seen more modest infill since its heyday. Also in Compton Heights, a long-awaited proposal for the vacant South Grand Y and Pelican Building site was recently revealed. Killeen also designed the large infill proposal for the Praxair site in Lafayette Square. That proposal is reportedly dead as developer Pulte Homes has decided to exit the St. Louis market.

[3012 Longfellow proposal – Compton Hill Historic District]

Eugene and Marilyn Stubblefield

Mike Killeen, Killeen Studio

Staff Recommendation:
That the Preservation Board grant preliminary approval of the new building as proposed with the stipulation that final plans and materials are reviewed and approved by the Cultural Resources Office.

The Project:
The applicants are proposing to construct a two and a half story single family house on a vacant parcel on the Compton Hill Local Historic District. All new construction in Local Historic Districts is brought to the Preservation Board for review on a preliminary basis prior to permitting.

Preliminary Findings and Conclusion:
The Cultural Resources Office’s consideration of the criteria for new residential construction in the Compton Hill Historic District Standards led to these preliminary findings:

  • The proposed site for the new single family house is within the boundaries of the Compton Hill Certified Local Historic District.
  • The subject parcel has never been built on prior to this proposal.
  • The proposed two and a half story house is compatible in height, scale, and exterior materials with other single family buildings along Hawthorn, Russell and Longfellow. Its design complies with most requirements for new construction in the Compton Hill Historic District Standards.

Based on these Preliminary findings, the Cultural Resources Office recommends that the Preservation Board grant preliminary approval to the project, with the stipulation that final plans and exterior materials for the new building will be reviewed and approved by the Cultural Resources Office.



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  • brickhugger

    well it beats my crazy notion, which was to take 3140 Russell off its foundations and put it here, as the offices of the neighborhood association, and to build a new house (in the historic style of course) in it’s place. (a brick home plan from Palliser’s 1887 new cottage homes catalog)

  • I mean, it’s fine, but it’s a large site near transit routes. Is single-family really a good use? And it’s such an autocentric design, with the garage.

    • Framer

      A single-family home in a single-family neighborhood, with, god forbid, a garage? Oh the humanity!

    • Nick

      Large single family would be much more fitting with the neighborhood, IMO. And not sure why the issue with the garage…though often detached, they are pretty common with single family homes in city limits.

    • jhoff1257

      Compton Heights has certain restrictions in place that would prohibit a higher density use. The original subdivision essentially operates as a Private Place. From the city’s website:

      “The large subdivision of Compton Heights dates from 1884, although most of the large houses within it, along Hawthorne, and Longfellow Boulevards were erected after 1890, some as late as the 1950’s. Compton Heights subdivision operates under a restrictive, but non-racial, covenant which controls the type of occupancy permitted and is used in the event of threatening intrusions.”

  • Bob Bettis

    This item has been deferred until June meeting , FYI.

  • John

    Bravo! Nice style, and I love the rear garage and driveway with dual access.

    • JZ71

      The dual access is the only thing I didn’t like – pick one or the other . . .

  • Framer


  • Presbyterian

    If you’re going to go historic replica, this is the way to do it.

    • Jakeb

      Exactly my thought. Looks great.