Benton Park Retail Corner Residential Infill Takes Historic Replica to a New Level

Benton Park Retail Corner Residential Infill Takes Historic Replica to a New Level

In St. Louis, we’re used to faux-historic. The city, nearly built out by 1920, is home to dozens of National Historic districts, and a good number of Local Historic Districts as well. It is the latter that can dictate new infill and major rehabs, as well as windows, front doors, lighting, roofing material, and more. From Lafayette Square to Benton Park, and elsewhere, faux-historic is what St. Louis does. Still, this takes it to a new level.

The proposal, designed by Killeen Studio Architects and approved by the city’s Preservation Review Board yesterday, may be the most replica of historic replicas yet. The single-family home takes the form and design of an historic St. Louis corner store. While some of the hundreds of historic corner buildings like this retain a commercial purpose, dozens have been converted to residential. The results are generally good, but can be awkward.

Ultimately it’s impressive to see the most-St. Louis of building forms be recreated as new infill. While corner treatment for residential infill can be a challenge, it’s too often done poorly in St. Louis.

Bad corner treatment:

Historic corner retail to residential conversion:

Historic corner retail retaining commercial function as a leasing office:

Blues City Deli – rocking the corner retail vibe:

Images of 1959 Lynch:




Model buildings presented:


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