Detailed Images Released of Proposed Centene Clayton Campus Project

Detailed Images Released of Proposed Centene Clayton Campus Project


Centene has submitted detailed plans for its corporate campus project to the City of Clayton. Below are select images detailing the project status to-date. The images provide significantly more detail than renderings shared when the project was unveiled at June 6 meeting.

The vision outlined plans for nearly 1.5M sf of office space, as much as 40K sf of retail, 120 luxury apartments, a corporate auditorium, and lodging. We originally wrote in April about Centene’s property acquisition and the growing size of its project. The total purchase price listed for all parcels comprising the Centene Clayton Campus project is in excess of $46M $50M with the purchase of a city parking lot.

So what caught our eye? Only a few small refinements appear in the renderings. There’s a lot, a whole lot, of parking. There’s a tunnel from Sub-District 3 (auditorium, corporate lodging, etc.) to Sub-District 4 (the Forsyth garage, with four below-grade parking levels). There are a lot of plazas – so very much Clayton. These buildings are big, all dwarfing the existing Centene Plaza building. Also made available is the full project parking study (PDF).

Centene Clayton Campus_numbered

Centene Clayton Campus: Sub-District 1

Centene_Sub 1_rendering Centene_Sub 1_1 Centene_Sub 1_2 Centene_Sub 1_3 Centene_Sub 1_4 Centene_Sub 1_5 Centene_Sub 1_6 Centene_Sub 1_8 Centene_Sub 1_9 Centene_Sub 1_7 Centene_Sub 1_10 Centene_Sub 1_11


Centene Clayton Campus: Sub-District 2

Sub 2_rendering Sub 2_13 Sub 2_11 Sub 2_10 Sub 2_8 Sub 2_7 Sub 2_6 Sub 2_5 Sub 2_4 Sub 2_3 Sub 2_2 Sub 2_1


Centene Clayton Campus: Sub-District 3

Centene 7Centene_Sub 3_8 Centene_Sub 3_7 Centene_Sub 3_6 Centene_Sub 3_5 Centene_Sub 3_4 Centene_Sub 3_3 Centene_Sub 3_2 Centene_Sub 3_1


Centene Clayton Campus: Sub-District 4

Centene_Sub 4_rendering Centene_Sub 4_5 Centene_Sub 4_4 Centene_Sub 4_3 Centene_Sub 4_2 Centene_Sub 4_1


Centene Clayton Campus: Traffic, Skyline, Site Plan

Centene_Overall_2 Centene_Overall_parking access Centene_Overall_plazas Centene_Profile_4 Centene_Profile_3 Centene_Profile_2 Centene_Profile_1 Centene_Traffic_3 Centene_Traffic_1 Centene_Parking overall Centene_Traffic_2


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