Delmar and Skinker Closure Got You Down?

Loop closed streets Delmat and SKinker

Does the Delmar and Skinker closure have you down? Consider the impact blocked streets have day in and day out in St. Louis. More congestion on open streets, more vehicle miles traveled, more pollution, and a more vulnerable transportation system. We’ve removed the resilience from the street grid in favor of the fragile hierarchical street/road network that fails to cope well to interruptions for construction, weather, or the higher rate and severity of wrecks it causes. We’ll get another taste when Pershing is closed at DeBaliviere. A missed opportunity that Waterman wasn’t opened at DeBaliviere making the detour very easy.

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Let’s #healthegrid

Delmar and Skinker 1

Delmar and Skinker 2{More ties unearthed from the streetcar tracks of yore.}

Delmar and Skinker 3

Delmar and Skinker 4{Blocking the street has calmed Delmar}

Delmar and Skinker 5

Delmar and Skinker 6

Delmar and Skinker 7(Luckily one can cut through the Shell Station)

Delmar and Skinker 8

Delmar and Skinker 9

Delmar and Skinker 10{Skinker is quite pleasant now.}