Shake Shack Opening at Euclid-West Pine in City’s Central West End

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Koman Group - Euclid

According to marketing material by Pace Properties, St. Louis native Danny Meyer will open a Shake Shack in the new Koman Group mixed use project on the southeast corner of Euclid Avenue and West Pine Boulevard in the city’s Central West End. The site is across from the nearly completed The Orion building, in which Whole Foods is set to open May 4. The Shake Shack website now confirms the location.

The first Shake Shake opened in Madison Square Park in New York more than a decade ago. In recent years, with the St. Louis culinary scene booming, many hoped Meyer would find a location in St. Louis. Rumors and hopes for locations had centered on downtown spaces such as City Garden sculpture park on the Gateway Mall, now home to Death in the Afternoon.

The addition of Shake Shack will further increase the density and vibrancy of the Euclid Avenue corridor. Along with 177 apartments and a Whole Foods grocer at The Orion by Mills Properties across West Pine, the Koman project will redefine an underdeveloped corner of the city’s most vibrant neighborhood. The 12-story, 217-unit Opus Development project at Lindell Boulevard and Euclid sits just one block to the north.

Shake Shack will occupy the 3,500sf corner of the building. Two retail bays totaling 7,500sf remain. The $31M mixed-use building would include underground parking accessed via the existing alley, and accommodate up to 50 cars on two levels. Additional parking may be leased from the 9 North garage across Euclid. The project would include improvements to the public realm adhering to the Euclid streetscape master plan.

Shake1Koman 34 N Euclid

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  • David Marshall

    Ironic? I think just a little bit. Danny Meyer, all praise be upon him, is a terrific entrepreneur and not a bad restaurant mogul. He has provided New York with terrific venues and has made that city a destination for gourmets and gourmands alike. BUT…he has admitted out loud that his inspiration for Shake Shack was non other than our many and multitudinous Steak and Shake which he loved as a kid growing up here. And may I add, there is a big difference between the two. Steak and Shake is MUCH better than Mr Meyer’s fast food. And cheaper, and more friendly, and more comfortable. C’mon St. Louis, just because a local boy makes good in New York and returns home with a less than original idea, we don’t have to be this over the moon.

    • rgbose

      Steak ‘n Shake is missing out on urban-oriented locations for sure. Failure on their part left a vacuum to be filled.

      I heard Carl’s was also an inspiration.

    • Guest

      Non GMO, non hormone and antibiotic free. I don’t know…can Steak and Shake make any of those claims? More and more people are becoming conscious about the health quality of what’s in their food. I’ve never been to Shake Shack so I can’t make a comparison based on taste…but the growth and success sure indicate something, and their commitment to a healthy alternative is welcome, IMO.

      • rgbose

        Steak ‘n Shake certainly can’t claim healthy. Can burgers, fries, and shakes be healthy? Healthier sure.

        • Guest

          Sure. Just consume such meals occasionally, not on a frequent basis. The body needs fats, sugars and sodium…just not massive doses of them.

    • MRNHS

      I do see this as a big deal. I have eaten at several Shake Shacks in NYC and DC. Assuming you have too, you must have noticed the very large lines. It has a large following. It’s kind of like In N Out Burger on the West Coast…not my favorite but
      an institution and something people seek out (myself included when I’m
      near either one of these places). Steak N Shake has good food, sure, but it seems very hit or miss on service, with the majority near the CWE having terrible service. I’m assuming Shake Shack will bring
      their Shackmeister Ale, which is a very good beer made by Brooklyn
      Brewery. I certainly enjoy having a beer with my burger, which you
      can’t do at SNS. I wouldn’t imagine the custards will have a big
      following like they do on the East Coast because we can get Ted Drewes
      (or several other places). My point to all this is that Steak N Shake is good and so is Shake Shack, but they are very different places and they can certainly both co-exist. If you don’t like it, don’t go. It will make the lines that much shorter for the rest of the people that are excited about this.

      • Chicagoan

        Shake Shack also embraces urban environments for their locations, something Steak N’ Shake doesn’t do.

        And yes, they have a good beer list, their locations always have nice interior design (with nods to that city), and the menu also tends to cater to the local cuisine (somewhat, anyway).

        St. Louis getting a Shake Shack is really cool, I don’t understand why people seem so uninterested.

        • rgbose

          SnS put one next tot he Ed Sullivan Theater in Manhattan years ago and didn’t follow through on more urban locations. They’ve missed out for sure..

          • Chicagoan

            Missed out really bad. I like their food, but I can’t remember the last time I went to one of their locations. All of them are car-centric and seem to be in suburban places.

            Hard to manage when I don’t have a car and transit isn’t an option going there.

            Shame, I really like their milkshakes!

          • rgbose

            Doesn’t look like there’s one within Chicago city limits. We have three in St. Louis City. All auto-oriented.

          • Riggle

            As much as I hate it. Downtown Indy has one

          • Riggle

            That NYC one had beer as well

          • Bob S.

            Every Shake Shack has beer on tap.

    • Riggle

      They only have auto oriented stores. They arent in urban neighborhoods. I would go to one downtown (in the cbd, whiteknight in downtown west), but I’m not going to south kingshighway or south hampton for anything except target, and thats because I have no choice.

  • Alex Devlin

    We should be honored to be among a small group of US cities. We’re the first Midwestern location outside of Chicago. I know it helps that he’s from St. Louis, but he wouldn’t make a bad business decision just to make STL happy. Speaks volumes about the recent and future success of CWE, hopefully other companies see that.

    • Alex Devlin

      Hopefully we can convince him that St. Louis is deserving of a second location Downtown.

      • SnakePlissken

        Already in Downtown. it’s called Range. 🙂

  • Chicagoan

    Nice! There are two Shake Shacks up here, both are very popular and there are rumors of a third location coming up. Very good food and they do a great job of curating their spaces. They also make really cool, city-themed t-shirt, I’m actually wearin’ my Chicago one right now.

  • Tim E

    Question for Alex and the crowd. With Orion opening soon, Opus full speed ahead on construction and Koman about to break ground should we expect some news soon from Koplar/Koman/Clayco?

  • Presbyterian

    This is exciting news. With While Foods, Shake Shack and new multi-family developments sprouting around it, the intersection of Euclid and West Pine is going to be the hottest spot in the St. Louis region.

    Now if we can just do something about the southwest corner of that intersection… I suspect the old deli space could find a higher use than storage for old hotel furniture.

    • Don

      ‘Retail follows rooftops’ so there is every reason to be optimistic that this new density will be a boom for the surrounding commercial real estate.

    • Alex Ihnen

      FWIW, I’m very optimistic about the southwest corner.

  • Don

    I ate at the Shake Shack in Madison Sq Park again last summer and the lines are still very long 10 years later. While their fried hamburgers and ‘concretes’ seemed a novelty to New Yorkers, they will be very familiar to St Louisians who have been to Carl’s Drive-In and Ted Drewes as Danny Meyers was many times before he left us for NYC.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing. I live a couple blocks from that corner.

    • Tim

      I believe Shake Shack is quietly becoming a minor NY institution. I occasionally have a shake at their location within JFK/Delta’s terminal 4 on my business trips into NY.