Lin, Van Valkenburgh BioMed21 Plaza a Step Closer to Reality With New Renderings

{a rendering of the BioMed21 plaza}

Comments on the last post regarding the participation of two world-renowned architects in the design of the new BioMed21 plaza centered on the closure of an additional block of Euclid Avenue and a portion of Children's Place – an important issue for sure, and one that will be the focus of a future post. But new renderings of the plaza are out. So what do you think? Perhaps the relative success or failure of a particular architect's participation is in the details and execution, but that judgment will have to wait.

The plaza is big and will certainly provide a central focus to the medical campus. The renderings seem somewhat void of real opportunities for people to gather, sections of seating for lunch crowds or defined spaces. A place this large could seemingly accommodate both an oasis feel and functionality (of course perhaps the oasis is the function…).