Guest Blogger Post at NextStop STL: “More Than Mass Transit: Public Transit is People Transit”

If you do not already regularly check out Metro’s blog NextStop STL, you should. The site’s a good way to keep up on Metro’s public engagement effort and other updates. Need another reason? Your’s truly is a NextStop STL guest blogger. From the guest post:

If St. Louis has a fault greater than its car-centric, less-than-progressive stance on transit, it’s the tendency to seek a magic bullet and overlook the huge benefits of methodical, sensible change. Fans of mass transit are often just as susceptible to this as anyone. We cheer for any rail proposal and draw up our own fancy maps, inevitably a bad recreation of a transit map of Washington D.C. or Paris, outlining where the next six streetcar lines should be built.

But the ability to make all our transit options better is right in front of us. For example, no design competition or deliberation is needed for a covered bus stop shelter, let’s use the ones they use in Cincinnati. Don’t like those? Let’s use the same ones as can be found in Pittsburgh. Only a few thousand dollars in street paint separate cyclists in St. Louis from having a cycle track, a dedicated two-way bike lane located….

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