FAIL: A Look at Paul McKee’s NorthSide Public Relations “Effort”

More than a month ago Paul McKee’s NorthSide Regeneration suddenly become very interested in what the average St. Louis resident had to say. Within the span of just a couple days the NorthSide Regeneration website went live, a YouTube channel was created, a Twitter account was opened and official phone numbers and E-mail addresses were publicized (all listed below).

At the time I gave McEagle credit for the effort (original post). Looking at the current state of that effort one has to declare it a massive FAIL.

The first couple E-mails I sent to Julie were promptly answered and I was told that answers to my questions (which 60 “legacy” buildings were slated to be saved, for example) would come shortly. After repeated follow-up E-mails I still have no answer. That was a month ago. Several people had initial luck speaking to NorthSide representatives, but calls and messages now go unanswered. Looking at the NorthSide website I see nothing new. YouTube? We’re still awaiting “Chapter 2”. And Twitter? One month, five tweets, most recent: July 19. FAIL.

Perhaps those interested in the future of our city should begin an effort to highlight McEagle’s flatlined new media effort. Perhaps 100 unreturned calls, 100 ignored E-mails and lack of other updates would get some attention.

NorthSide property complaints: (636) 561-9300
NorthSide Regeneration desk: (636) 561-9378
General: [email protected]
PR/specific inquiries: [email protected]
YouTube Channel: