One Last Day for the San Luis?

The proposed demoltion of the San Luis Apartments building in the city’s Central West End has been documented on a number of blogs and found some coverage in the local media. Click on over to for the complete rundown and check out the “related posts” section of this post (click on post headline if this doesn’t appear).

My bet is that the Preservation Board is persueded that rehabilitation costs are excessive (the Archdiocese claims $300/sq. ft.) and grants a demolition permit. I think they will also be massaged by the “green” parking lot (beware of urban oxymorons!). The problem is that the Archdiocese cannot take advantage of historic tax credit and other incentives as a tax-exempt entity. The only way to redevelope the San Luis is for the church to sell. They do not want to do that and I don’t think we can make them.

The building has already deteriorated since the Archdiocese removed the residents. If demolition is denied the church may only need to stall until an exterior panel or two falls from the building to receive an emergency demolition permit. Classic demolition checkmate.

Review of Proposed Demolition for Parking Lot at 4483 Lindell


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