Episode 13: Umar Lee

The Future Great City podcast by NextSTL
The Future Great City
Episode 13: Umar Lee

In this episode we speak with Umar Lee of St. Louis, an activist, author, and former cab driver. Lee became known to many during the 2014 protests in Ferguson following the killing of Michael Brow. He was also a vocal presence during the debate surrounding the entry of ride sharing services in St. Louis such as Lyft and Uber.

We spoke with Lee about his upbringing in North St. Louis County, how things have changed, and how in some ways the scene has been set for years for unrest. Regarded by many to be a controversial figure, Lee’s critique of the region is clearly a product of his love for St. Louis. In the podcast we touch on Lee’s conversion to Islam, his time away from St. Louis including a stint in New York, and his return to St. Louis, and why he often rails against “Hipsters” on social media.

Umar can be found on Twitter @penofumar.

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