Episode 8: Megan-Ellyia Green

It’s nextSTL.com in a podcast! In this episode we speak with Megan Ellyia-Green, 15the Ward alderwoman in the City of St. Louis. Originally from upstate New York, Megan attended Penn State University before earning a Masters in Education and Leadership from Saint Louis University. She was elected to represent one of city’s 28 wards in 2014 following the resignation of Jennifer Florida. Megan will be up for re-election in March 2017.

A self-described Progressive, Megan has become known for her independence on city-wide issues and her thorough independent research on topics such at the effort to keep the NFL in St. Louis. She’s dedicated to increasing transparency in local government, and is involved in national politics as an organizer for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. You can find Megan on Twitter @MeganEllyia and online at meganellyiagreen.com.