Sunnen Station Apartments Phase II

Holland Construction Services posted that they are building the second phase of the Sunnen Station Apartments which commenced last month in Maplewood. “This new 120,020 SF, 121-unit apartment community will also include an attached pre-cast 60,850 SF [2-level] parking garage with 187 stalls.” That’s a parking ratio of 1.54 near a Metrolink station. They will be market rate.

Holland also built the first Sunnen Station apartment building immediately to the south in 2017.

Lot E has been split into E-1 and E-2. E-1 will host the apartment building. According to the agenda of the July 28, 2020 Maplewood City Council meeting, the expected completion date for the apartment building is March 31, 2022 (that may very well have slipped), and the intended use for lot E-2 to the north is a luxury car dealership.

We here haven’t been enthused by the development pattern being built near the Sunnen Station. Seas of parking are low-productivity and a wasted opportunity to leverage the infrastructure serving the area. Check out our previous coverage-

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