New Renderings by JEMA Studio Show Planned 7700 Clayton Transformation

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Plans for a reimagined 7700 Clayton Road are being developed by JEMA Studio. The unremarkable 52,000 sf building was recently acquired by Bamboo Equity Partners for $4.4M.

The building, located in Richmond Heights, aims to serve the need for small office suites in the larger Clayton area office market. The transformation has a budget of approximately $3M.

From JEMA Studio:

Bamboo Equity, a leading real estate investment firm in St. Louis, has hired JEMA to be the architect and interior designer for the renovation of the 7700 Clayton Building located at the intersection of Hanley Road and Clayton Road. The existing building was constructed in the 1970s and will undergo a complete transformation.

A glass “box” entry and renovated entry plaza create a new entry experience for the building and a new “face” along Clayton Road. The glass “box” contains the building’s collaborative areas: coffee shop, conferencing spaces and lounge.

Initial rendering of the new 7700 Clayton Road:

7700 Clayton Road today:


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  • Guest

    It’d make far more sense to just tear this monstrosity down with it’s tiny little 60’s mansard roof and build anew. There’s good mid 20th century architecture and there is bad. This is among the worst.

    • Adam

      Not really. If it made more sense ($) that’s probably what they would do. That they’re not indicates that it likely doesn’t make more sense.

      • Guest

        Lol…IOW…let’s do it the cheape$t way.

        • Adam

          Yeah “let’s”.

  • John

    This remodel concept is definitely an improvement and a much-needed update to the dated-looking structures. I appreciate the use of plantings/greenery in the design concepts, and I hope they incorporate it in the final product. Include even more landscaping! The organic plantings make it come to life. Good to see the investment. Will the utility poles be buried as depicted?

  • STLEnginerd

    the graduated paint scheme is a nice touch. I hope they go with some bright colors.

  • jhoff1257

    I like it. I’m not really a big fan of Mid Century architecture, but I don’t think there is another style out there that allows for such cool transformations. I’ve added a couple photos from two Mid Century buildings near the Plaza in KC that look stellar after a modern makeover.

    • Jakeb

      Wow, that is very nice.

    • kjohnson04

      That’s nice. Where the heck is the sidewalk. though?

      • jhoff1257

        Well these are on Shawnee Mission Parkway so this is pretty much par for the course. Just like any other major suburban thoroughfare, sidewalks are wherever they remembered to put them. The other side of this street does have one, but as the photo I attached shows…not the best intersection for pedestrians here. Honestly outside of the Downtown-Midtown-Plaza area in KC, walking is pretty much a non starter in this town. Streets south of 75th don’t even have curbs, much less sidewalks.