New Renderings of Armory District Show Off Plans by Green Street

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In February, we got our first look at plans for the historic Armory building. Developer Green Street tapped Arcturis to transform the former armory-tennis center-concert hall into 160,000 sf of “creative office space” with rooftop greenspace, a micro-brewery, coffee roaster (more on both in the near future) and additional future development. As the $83M project nears a formal kick-off, more interior design work has been completed.

The Armory District sits opposite I-64 from Lawrence Group’s $340M City Foundry project. Both sit within the boundary of the recently created massive 395-acre Saint Louis University redevelopment area. The largest project there is the $550M SSM/SLU hospital. Across Forest Park Avenue from City Foundry, a Westin Hotel has been announced for the former Habitat for Humanity property.

Below are the latest renderings via Green Street and Arcturis:

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  • TJ Pan

    I fear that such a projects just continues to feed the social musical chairs. There’s only a small percentage of people that try really really hard to keep all of the many many many locales filled. My last visit to stl was sad. It was a saturday night at a really cool location (in any other city would be jam packed imo), but it was near empty! This seems like it will just draw the herd from the rest of the other areas in STL. STL needs more active young people with money to stay!

  • Someone

    Does anyone know if the armory building will be open to the public even though it’s a office building?

  • Martin Casas

    How will this be connected to the Foundary on the other side of the highway?

  • Riggle

    Its so odd that these two projects don’t have any residential, go to the Landing and see how that worked out

    • Sckstl

      The armory is surrounded by residential. The grove is one of the hottest places in the city right now. Then you have the cwe and slu right next by. If the spring ave viaduct is built we’ll have direct access to all of these areas. I’d rather see this massive beautiful building saved than the usual St. Louis attitude of just letting it rott

      • Riggle

        Train tracks and light industrial use surround these buildings, not residential

      • brickhugger

        Err; you mean rebuilt. Biondi had it demolished because ‘criminal elements’ could use it to come to campus, at least in his mind.

    • Also, you might want to note that there’s a power substation out back of the armory. I think that it’s presence in the view of a home makes residences a non-starter, unless they’re in a tower tall enough to overlook it. That tall a tower would greatly exceed the height of the armory, as the power substation, itself, exceeds the height of the armory.

  • Framer

    Love those vintage photos.

  • John

    Looks like great space! Exciting!