Loop Trolley Corridor Photo Tour: Delmar from Limit to Kingsland

Let’s continue our tour of the Loop Trolley corridor heading west along Delmar from Limit.
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See the second installment: Delmar East of Des Peres.
See the third installment: Delmar from Des Peres to Limit

We’re in University City now. I feel much safer. We see some of the effects of #fragmentation.

The trolley stop at Limit. Here the platforms have the fancy texture unlike the ones in St. Louis.

U City has put out dual trash-recycling bins. Something to copy on the city side. U City still has old-timey parking meters.

The intersection of Westgate and Delmar. It has a couple of the corner curb cuts.

Melville at Delmar. Now this is the right way to do curb cuts!

Ackert Walkway, part fo the Centennial Greenway, and Chuck Berry Statue.

The Trolley stop at Leland.

THe most awkward set of curb cuts on the Trolley corridor. The west one takes you way out of your way, and the east one makes you deal with an obstacle course. Why is this so hard?

American National Insurance Building. This building has an interesting history. I dislike how confining the colonnade is.

The building was stripped and a third story was added during the urban renewal era.

I never understood why this building wasn’t set back to line up with the adjacent building. The sidewalk is too narrow.

6680 Delmar. The 5/3 Bank branch that never was.

The Trolley stop at the University City Library.

The end of the line. It was once planned to do a loop around the roundabout to the west.

That concludes our tour!

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  • STL Forever

    Good photos. Streetscape looks like a hot mess! Wasted funds on the unnecessary trolley could have gone to streetscape beautification and pedestrian safety. Nice to see the recycling bins. Not surprised about the apparent lack of consistency and misalignment between University City and St. Louis City.

    Who are the people in charge that should be held accountable for the mediocrity and frivolity of this large public-financed expenditure?

    • Adam

      Agree about the street scape and pedestrian infrastructure. The sidewalks and crosswalks are a mess. Looks like an area in decline even if it isn’t. And the new mid-block crosswalks need signs and buttons and flashing lights–a couple days ago I got b*tched out by an impatient driver for having the audacity to cross at the cross walk without waiting for her to drive by first. In general, St. Louis drivers are some of the worst I’ve seen anywhere in terms of their consideration for pedestrians.

      • kjohnson04

        I guess they missed that part of the drivers manual that requires that you yield the right of way to pedestrians and cyclists. It’s *literally* in the chapter about the “rules of the road.”

        In generally, drivers here consider people not driving to be some sort of philistine for not worshiping at the altar of the automobile. That’s why they treat us like that.

        • Adam

          Absolutely. The problem is, even if I had held the driver’s manual in front of her face and pointed out the relevant passage she wouldn’t have given a sh*t. There’s a disdain for pedestrians in this city that will only be surmounted by building infrastructure that puts pedestrian safety before driver convenience.

  • There used to be a pedestrian tunnel underneath Delmar at the intersection of Kingsland back in the old streetcar days. I was hoping remnants of it would be revealed during the Loop Trolley construction, but I never saw a trace of it. I imagine it was similar to the pedestrian tunnel that still exists underneath a Forest Park Parkway at Williams Avenue.

    • Anonymous

      The tunnel actually is aligned with Wellesley Ave. Williams Ave is further east and has a light and regular crosswalk.

      • Yes, you’re totally right! My bad.