Greenstreet Begins Marketing 18,000sf of Retail The Grove

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The single largest influx of retail in the growing Grove is just around the corner. The long-planned Choteau’s Grove project continues to receive some design tweaks, but as the structured garage is under construction, retail space is now being marketed.

The latest marketing materials also show an updated rendering looking north at the long facade of the building facing Manchester and Chouteau Avenues. As we reported in December, some significant design changes have occurred since the project was first introduced. Most notably, the size of the project has been reduced from 271 to 236 apartments, and parking from 565 to 383 spaces.

A plaza was introduced mid-block along the project’s southern facade, and once planned to be closed, Chouteau will remain open with the short stretch east of Sarah Street changing to a one-way westbound. Another significant site plan change shows the parking garage now wrapped on the north side with apartments, where before the parking structure had been exposed. A second phase is planned on the surface parking lot fronting Sarah Street.

Retail space leasing information can be found at Green Street.

chouteaus-grove_public-plaza{the mid-block public plaza}



From our previous report: Big Changes Set for Mixed-Use Chouteau’s Grove as Garage Construction Starts


Construction began last month as a $3.8M permit was issued for the parking garage. Clearly, construction of the remainder of the project is imminent, but a permit application has not yet been filed, according to the city’s website. The project is now a joint project of Green Street and Koman Group, with Humphreys and Partners remaining as project architect.

With 35 fewer apartments, and a little less retail, parking demand has been reduced, but the impact of 182 fewer parking spaces is unclear. There are 39 surface spaces planned off Sarah Street, and a proposed 72-space lot across the street, bringing the reduction to 71 spaces, not including on-street parking.

The smaller footprint of the garage has allowed it to be fully screened by apartments, instead of the garage facade fronting Papin Street. In addition, there’s no longer a curb cut for a garage entrance along the street.

Across the street at the wedge site, a seven-story contemporary mixed-use project was recently chosen by the city. Together with the four-story Chouteau’s Grove development, this corner of the neighborhood long dominated by surface parking is set to become the most densely urban corner of the quickly changing Grove.

The new site plan:


Previous site plan:

Chouteau's Grove site plan 2015

The “pocket park” shows sizable seating added to what today truly feels like an island. With one lane of traffic and on-street parking on one side, the expanded island should feel well connected to Chouteau Grove’s retail, inviting use from any restaurant patrons and other visitors.

chouteaus-grove_pocket-park-island{the “pocket park” island is greatly enlarged}

The new facade, looking northeast from Manchester Avenue. Rendering shows material changes and mid-block public plaza, but not new configuration of Chouteau Avenue and the island pocket park:


Previous rendering:

chouteaus-grove_rendering-201510261234786_4de9f7903c_b{the Commerce Bank site looking southeast}

Floorplan examples:

chouteaus-grove-1bdchouteaus-grove_2bd chouteaus-grove_3bd

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  • Nick Johnson

    Guess it’s way too late to hope American Apparel lol –

  • Dahmen Piotraschke

    Once these apartments are filled, and I hope affordable ones too…..I am confident Schnucks.. or others… are wanting to carve its large niche’ to accommodate this growing area. I expect probably up Vandeventer. Parallel to Manchester and not far up the way. Past White Castle and up Vandeventer.. there are many spots of older companies, some still thriving yet the other 50% a great large prospect for a grocery which all pedestrian , bus, or car..super important. The closest I know of is down Sarah to Lindell.. which is a far trip.

    • Riggle

      Its a few blocks away…

  • Dahmen Piotraschke

    Renderings from the view from Vandeventer..Rd.. would be much more this main busy thoroughfare is the most driven and easily accepted viewpoint in which most drive.

  • Riggle

    Great QT access there

    • Adam

      The units with QT views will probably be the first to rent.

      • Riggle

        You cant actually get to the QT from there, thats the great thing, like the Georgian and Fields foods…