38 Images of Cassilly’s Unfinished Cementland

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Bob Cassilly worked on Cementland for more than a decade. An abandoned cement factory at the far northern reaches of St. Louis City along the Mississippi River was to become something of an extreme City Museum on steroids, which itself is an otherworldly, outsized playground. It was an ambitious vision that was further along than many might have realized when its visionary was found dead at the site September 26, 2011.

Cassilly died without a will and his estate spent the past five years in probate. Now resolved, word is that work will resume at Cementland soon. His wife has now also gone public with her concerns that Cassilly did not die in a bulldozer accident as widely reported, but rather was assaulted and killed.

Signs at the property, and notices on the website state that repeatedly that the site is not open to the public and that trespassing will not be tolerated. You should not attempt to explore Cementland on your own. Below are 38 images detailing the site. To those unfamiliar with City Museum, Cementland may appear another decade from completion, but to others the site could open tomorrow.

The top image is from the Cementland website. All images below are from Flickr user Pasa47.

Cementland_31 Cementland_19 Cementland_24 Cementland_25 Cementland_18 Cementland_33 Cementland_34 Cementland_27 Cementland_28 Cementland_23 Cementland_22 Cementland_29 Cementland_30 Cementland_7 Cementland_16 Cementland_37 Cementland_32 Cementland_20 Cementland_36 Cementland_17 Cementland_14 Cementland_38 Cementland_26 Cementland_15 Cementland_6 Cementland_12 Cementland_21 Cementland_13 Cementland_8 Cementland_39 Cementland_5 Cementland_10 Cementland_9 Cementland_35 Cementland_11

Looking for even more? Photographer Dan Wampler was recently granted access to photograph Cementland and here’s what he found.

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  • kjohnson04

    So that’s where the old express buses ended up.

  • CWE1959

    I didn’t know Cassilly personally, but his vision as exemplified through his creative works are amazing. During the first four years of my son’s life we’ve visited the City Museum more than a dozen times. I’m always floored by how much work went into building such a place and the joy experienced by those that are able to appreciate Cassilly’s vision. I only wish he would not have left our physical presence so soon.

  • citylover

    Open today! I went running on the north river trail and was confused with the colorful cement barrels. I thought it was a quarry.

    Looks like a haven for kids