Soulard Infill, National Register Items on Preliminary Preservation Board Agenda

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The preliminary Preservation Board agenda for the City of St. Louis shows a wide variety of possible infill projects as well as several important National Register of Historic Places items.

Among the preliminary review items, Klitzing Welsch Associates will present plans to demo a couple buildings at the corner of 7th Boulevard and Victor Street in Soulard. The project is immediately next to the recently completed Soulard Ice House, also by Klizting Welsch Associates. No images for the proposed infill have been made available.

Also on the agenda are five single-family homes by Affordable City Homes of St. Louis, Inc. in the McKinley Heights Historic District. A single-family home is proposed for the Lafayette Square Historic Disctrict by Diversified Real Estate Group LLC (images below). MLS list price is $750,000. Another proposal would add a new single-family home by Killeen Studio to the Benton Park Historic District.

On the agenda for nominations to the National Register of Historic Places are the Locust Street Automotive District, AKA Midtown Alley, the Mid-Century Mansion House Historic District overlooking the Gateway Arch, the Midwest Terminal Building at 710 N. Tucker, and the St. Louis Mart and Terminal Warehouse at 1222 Spruce Street. Nomination to the National Register is often a prelude to redevelopment as the designation allows access to historic tax credits.

The St. Louis Mart and Terminal Warehouse at 1222 Spruce Street:

St Louis Mart and terminal warehouse

The Midwest Terminal Building at 710 N. Tucker:

Midwest Terminal building

The corner of 7th Boulevard and Victor Street in Soulard:

Soulard infill

The Mid-Century Mansion House complex (black towers):

Mansion House complex

St. Louis City Preservation Board – Preliminary Agenda 04/25/2016 by

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  • RJ

    The picture of the Midwest Terminal Building appears to have the wrong address. It is listed as 200 North 4th street but I believe that is aka The Globe Building at 710 North Tucker. Please verify. That would be great if the entire building went through a major renovation as it is massive.

    • jhoff1257

      That is both the Midwest Terminal Building and the Globe Building. Before the Globe bought the building it was a station for the Illinois Terminal Railroad that used the tracks in the now filled in Tucker tunnel. If you look closely you can see a Illinois Terminal sign on the corner. The address in the post is wrong, however in the Preservation Board agenda they do have the right location.

  • thomas h benton

    This is all good news. Nice to see that in-fill along Shenandoah, since that’s kind of an out of the way location.

    • John R

      It’s right off Gravois and a block from Hodak’s and Spare No Rib so I wouldn’t say it is out-of-the-way but I agree it’s great to see infill here.

  • Alex P

    I’m surprised by the number of people that dislike the Mansion House Towers. Granted it was practically a small urban renewal project, they’re great pieces of Mid Century Modernism and provide a lot of good housing, office, and retail space. They’re much better than the 70s and 80s HOK designed office buildings that contain no street front retail and ruin the sidewalk with garage entrances and bank drive-thrus. Hopefully the preservation funds will go to good use on the Mansion House complex.

    • Guest

      I completely agree with you about Mansion House in comparison to some of the horrible 70’s and 80’s “efforts”. I think Mansion House could be made attractive again with a proper restoration effort. I remember seeing the model of the complex on display in a window in downtown St. Louis before they were built. Although, I’m not sure I understand what you mean by it being “practically a small urban renewal project”?

      • Alex P

        Most of the ‘Urban Renewal’ projects wiped out entire neighborhoods creating super blocks e.g. The Arch, Pruitt Igoe, Mill Creek Valley, Peobody Darst Webb, they tried to take out Lafayette Sq. and Soulard. Mansion House took out three city blocks. It still created a super block and symbolized everything that was wrong with Modern Urban Theory but it was still pretty good architecture. It’s office and retail aren’t doing well because of the lack of concentrated demand downtown. That’s an automobile age problem, not entirely the fault of the design.

        • Guest

          Ahh…okay…I see what you mean, I’m in agreement with that…thanks for the clarification!.

    • guest

      As someone who is in and stares at the Mansion House complex daily, they are ugly, as is the retail space…which is pushed back from the sidewalk and hidden beneath an overhang. If they pushed the retail up to the sidewalk it could be salvageable. Hate hate hate the fountain in front and the way the entrances/exits of the garages make walking in front of the complex a bit of a hazard at times.

      I guess it could be nice with some clean up and re-imagining of things, and there are some nice MCM buildings on the ground (not the towers), but the whole complex needs a lot of help.

    • Ben Harvey

      While the towers themselves are not particularly ugly, the street fronts are absolutely terrible. The storefronts today look terrible and don’t really attract businesses besides liquor and convenience stores. While the towers should stay, in my opinion the space of the store front buildings could be far better used by some 5-7 story mixed used buildings with ground level retail. It would also distract from the fact that the three mansion house towers are basically the same.

  • HixxinSoulard

    I believe the Soulard building(s) that would be demoed is the Victor Iron Works facility. Not such much a building as a shed above an industrial steel yard.,-90.2066943,3a,75y,358.37h,88.2t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sL-CxNA1R0Vfi1bKLa2Eibw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    At least, I hope that’s it.