Another Unlikely Preservation Win for St. Louis as The Soulard IceHouse Opens

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Soulard Ice House

When we posted a story in January of last year that the old Polar Wave ice factory in Soulard would be preserved and transformed in 42 apartments, I probably would have bet it would become one of those projects that sounds great, but fails to materialize. The 1924 brick warehouse was built to store ice, and so there were very few windows. To maintain the building’s integrity to an extent that it would still quality for historic tax credits was a challenge.

The renovation is now complete and the building has opened as The Soulard IceHouse. According to Kyle Hennessey, who heads up the sales and marketing for Asprient Properties, the project is nearly fully leased. This unlikely success is three blocks south of another win for the Soulard neighborhood and St. Louis as the Lafayette School will soon be renovated as 36 apartments. Soulard was one of just a hand full of the city’s 79 neighborhoods to gain population last decade, and looks to continue the trend with projects like these.

The building’s large open spaces were subdivided into multiple levels. The taller eastern portion is ~7,000sf with the ceiling, which had collapsed, reaching 55ft of clear space. The western portion is ~8,500sf with 24ft ceilings. The loading dock area will becoming parking for residents.

The project was funded by a consortium of west coast investors and completed by Asprient, a management firm with approximately 1,000 units in more than dozen properties around St. Louis City, including Park Lane, The Leonardo, Maryland Gardens (hey, my first apartment in St. Louis!), buildings in the Central West End. The IceHouse renovation is designed by Klitzing Welsch & Associates.

Soulard Ice House 7Soulard Ice House 5 Soulard Ice House 2 Soulard Ice House 1 Soulard Ice House 9 Soulard Ice House 8 Soulard Ice House 6 Soulard Ice House 4 Soulard Ice House 3

Images from previous story:

Polar Wave Ice Factory - Soulard, St. LouisPolar Wave Ice Factory - Soulard, St. LouisPolar Wave Ice Factory - Soulard, St. LouisPolar Wave Ice Factory - Soulard, St. Louis

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  • A.F. Schiller

    Ugh, it’s Asprient though. So, stay clear of it.

  • Katy L

    This building is behind my house, and I have been watching it for years from my back porch. I am so happy it was saved and that they did such a great job. Excellent addition to the neighborhood! This, along the Lafayette School building remodel, is a great change for this side of Soulard.

  • Monday Guest

    Unfortunate it’s an Asprient property.

    • Chippewa

      Ugh, god damn it. Same with those apartments going in on Pershing.

      God I wish someone would just bring a class action suit or something against them. I refuse to rent one of their properties, and they own like half the stock in the CWE.

      • Ben Harvey

        Just curious, what is wrong with them?

        • Christiana Gyang

          Search them on Google, then read the reviews and BBB reports, Rip-off report, etc.

    • Alex Ihnen

      The project represents a big investment that will last a long time and saved a building that was genuinely threatened by demolition. It’s good to see.

      • A.F. Schiller

        good to see it was saved, bad to see it was saved by Asprient

  • onecity

    If the new part of the building didn’t have to recreate the facade shown in the B/W photo, then why can’t the developer punch holes in the exterior walls for light? That makes no sense.

  • Guest

    It’s a shame the build out on the second photo had at some time in the past had been demolished. Given that, they did a beautiful job! A great project for Soulard…!

  • Chicagoan

    Absolutely stunning work! I love the stone texture of the old loading docks. I’d live here.

  • markgroth

    Simply amazing.

  • Presbyterian

    Excellent project. Good to see the finished product!