14-Story Mixed Use Infill in The Loop Gets Refined Design, Set for City Approval

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The City of St. Louis Cultural Resources Office is recommending preliminary approval of the proposed 14-story mixed use building in the Delmar Loop by Clayco and Forum Studio. Koman Group is the project developer. Planned for a long vacant lot just east of the Pageant and Big Shark Bicycles, the site is within the Skinker-DeBaliviere Catlin Tract Local Historic District, necessitating review by the city’s Preservation Board.

According to the Preservation Board agenda posted in advance of its January 25 meeting, the only item among a checklist of considerations for which the building does not comply is overall height. The historic district guidelines call for all new or altered buildings to be constructed to within 15% of the average height of existing buildings. The guidelines also recognize that proposed variations from established compatible heights should have a rationale derived from the building’s use or based on its location within the district. In short, the CRO finds that an exception should be made at this location.

New design renderings show a single-story retail front with a second story set back and topped by a resident amenity deck with the tower behind. Both buildings housing Big Shark Bicycles and Gokul Indian Restaurant at the west and east end of the development site respectively are shown remaining. Each adjoin lower portions of the new development, with one story next to Big Shark, and three immediately adjacent to Gokul. The address of the proposed development is 6103-6131 Delmar.



The 14-story building would contain approximately 210 market-rate apartments, with ground floor retail. Plans currently call for 210 parking spaces for residents in an internal garage. The seven-story Moonrise Hotel, completed in 2009, is currently the tallest building in The Loop. The CRO finds the proposal to be similar in form to the Moorise, with an L-form and a shorter building presentation along the street wall.

The design presented to the Preservation Board pulls back the former “U” building shape, forming an “L” by eliminating the upper floors on the western end. A story has been added to the plan, keeping the apartment count roughly the same. The project is aiming for an April groundbreaking followed by a 12-15 month construction period.

In November we reported (Clayco Plans 13-Story, 200-Apt Building in The East Loop) there will be approximately 400 bedrooms spread over 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments with units of 1 Bedroom ~650 square feet, 2 BD ~900 sq ft, 3 BD 11-1200 sq ft. Rents are expected to be about $2.50/sf. The development also plans for bicycle storage for 150 bikes and on-site car sharing service.

Delmar_NELoop1 Loop2 Loop6

Two previous renderings of the Loop project:



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  • resident

    $2.50/SF is overpriced. I guess we’ll need to see the level of interior finish as well as finalized pricing before being able to truly judge.

  • Kraueter

    I like the idea, however I find the current rendering to be rather dull and generic looking.

  • Ice_Burned

    $2.50 per sqft? Damn. Although the upper floors facing east will have an amazing view of the sunrise over the whole city. I’ll miss that view from the Moonrise rooftop bar after sunset on the 4th of July!

  • Guest

    It would be nicer to see half the footprint and twice the height for the tower. That way, another tower could be built in the future, adding much more density.

    • Eric43264

      Nah, this is tall enough. I believe the current tallest building in the loop is 7 stories, and this dwarfs it already. There are plenty of low-rise sites in the neighborhood to be redeveloped before this plan becomes “not tall enough”.

      • Tyrell_Corp

        Parkview Place Apartments on Westgate is as tall as the proposed building.

  • The Louminator

    I remember when the owner proposed a 4 story building to the SKB neighborhood 10 years ago they were scoffed at for incompatible height….what a difference a decade makes. Nice to see some density here. I just hope this is not an “island” project. Imagine the project if the bookend parcels and Crescent Plumbing site were part of the development.

  • Wabash

    Awesome to see this project moving forward and getting taller. Great addition to The Loop, the neighborhood, and the Delmar Metrolink.

    Not sure I’d call the Moonrise Hotel the tallest building in the Loop, but this new addition looks like it could take the crown.

  • Presbyterian

    This project adds much-needed density on a streetcar line next to a Metrolink station. It also adds hundreds of eyes and ears to the Loop’s eastern end. To be a truly car-optional neighborhood, all the Loop requires is a drugstore and dry cleaner.

    • Ice_Burned

      I recall there was a Chinese owned dry cleaner located across from Delmar station as recently as the early 2000s. The dry cleaner and a Chop Suey take out window next door both closed around that period when the east loop started to change.

  • Adam

    Love it. MUCH better than the previous, revised design.

    • rgbose

      What do you think of the three-story bit with the green roof next to Gokul?

      • Adam

        So long as it’s not clad in EIFS panels I really like it. The rendering makes it look like smooth architectural concrete, which would be awesome.

  • Alex P

    No site within 1/4 mile of a light rail stop should have height restrictions. Or parking minimums.

    • rgbose

      People are still nervous that residents and/or their guest will take up parking nearby. No where close to the Opus situation where they made then add another floor of underground parking.

  • John R

    I hate to be a debbie downer here, but… oh, wait!