Pay Parking Lot May Be Next for Vacant Church’s Chicken in The Loop

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Churchs Chicken

*01/20/2015 update – The application to use this site as a paid parking lot has been pulled. We’ll update the story with what’s next for the site as we learn more.

The long vacant Church’s Chicken location at Skinker and Delmar Boulevards my soon have a new use, but not the use for which many have hoped. A permit filed this month would convert the site into a paid parking lot. So far there is no accompanying permit to demolish the existing building.

The restaurant’s closure in April of 2013 was a surprise to many. It had become an urban legend that the Church’s Chicken at Delmar and Skinker in The Loop would anchor the southeast corner in perpetuity. The story went that the location was the top selling of any Church’s in the city.

Supposedly, Church’s bought out its lease early, meaning the property owner received payment that in effect covered lease for some time. This at least temporarily lessened redevelopment pressure. Then in June 2014 we reportedly that Washington University had interest in the site. Notoriously patient, nothing has come of that interest, to-date.

Churchs Chicken 3 Churchs Chicken 2

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  • tztag

    Ran by there today, backhoe is digging up the west end of the parking lot and removing some old fiberglass underground tanks. I asked the woman supervising if they were tearing it down, she said that their job was just to remove the old gas tanks.

    • rgbose

      Saw that last night and wondered what was up. Guess there was a gas station there for about 10-15 years between the traditional building (still there 1958) and the fast food crap shack we know today.

    • Adam

      This would bode well some sort of development, no? Not sure why the owner would go to the trouble of removing them if it’s to be a parking lot…

  • LoveSTL

    Yay, the parking lot idea is dead! I hope they tear down the building ASAP and put in some nice retail space. 🙂

  • rgbose

    Word in the ‘hood is that this paid parking lot idea is dead.

  • Kraueter

    I’d rather see a parking lot than WashU getting its hands on yet more property. Oh, that’s right WashU is a not-for-profit and pays virtually no taxes.

  • rgbose
  • onecity

    Seriously, a parking lot? Is it 1975? What a waste of a prime intersection. A vacant rotting Church’s is a better use of land.

  • rgbose

    When the glorious day comes, the Loop SBA should hold a raffle to see who gets to push the plunger to implode this thing.

    • Don

      Oh, I think explosives would be extremely ill advised. This could start a grease fire that could burn for days and consume the block.

  • Presbyterian

    I’m usually don’t support demolishing historic St. Louis churches.

    But I would make an exception in this case.

    • John R

      I see you aren’t chicken to assert a fowl opinion.

      • Ian W.

        I don’t know which one of you won the internet today. Prizes for all!