500Ksf Mixed-Use Development Planned for Vacant Hanley-Clayton Road Site

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7651 Clayton Road development proposal - Clayton, MO

Vacant for nearly two decades, the prominent corner of Clayton and Hanley Roads may finally be redeveloped. Planned is more than 500Ksf of retail, including a grocer, more than 40Ksf of office space, and as many as 291 residential units.

GBT Realty Corporation of Nashville, Tennessee enlisted HDA Architects to complete preliminary design work. A proposal in 2009 envisioned more than 100Ksf of office space and a 200-room hotel. The GBT plan is almost a mirror image of that proposal, which placed an office tower at the busy intersection.

7651 Clayton Road development proposal - Clayton, MO

7651 Clayton Road development proposal - Clayton, MO

7651 Clayton Road development proposal - Clayton, MO

The new proposal filed with the City of Clayton shows a residential tower of at least 12 stories to the far east end of the large parcel. A 488-space parking garage is wrapped by 44 apartments, and toped by the 12-story, 247-unit apartment tower. The property is current zoned commercial to the west and residential to the east.

Plans show a single row of surface parking abuts the street at the corner, where a 7,000sf restaurant space flanked by two 3,000sf retail bays are shown. A 23,000sf grocer occupies the central portion of the development and is connected to the parking garage. A second story above retail would be more than 40,000sf of office space.

The vacant building, once a Schnucks grocery, was rumored to be the new home of The Fresh Market, a North Carolina grocer looking to enter the St. Louis market. A traffic study was completed and the property owner confirmed the grocer had signed a letter of intent to occupy the existing 33,000sf building. It is assumed that The Fresh Market will be the grocer in the mixed-use development.

7651 Clayton Road development proposal - Clayton, MO

7651 Clayton Road development proposal - Clayton, MO

7651 Clayton Road development proposal - Clayton, MO

7651 Clayton Road development proposal - Clayton, MO

The previous development proposal for Clayton and Hanley Roads:

Moorlands mixed use2

Moorlands mixed use1


*Comments from Clayton planning department staff added 11/24/2015. Comments are meant to guide review of the project and do not necessarily describe required changes to a project.

1. Eliminate the row of surface parking between the western building and Clayton and Hanley
Roads, and relocate the building adjacent to the street frontage. The Zoning Regulations
prohibit parking lots along the street frontage and front yard parking is out of character for
the area, especially along Clayton Road. Locating the building frontage at or near the front
property lines creates a strong street wall and improves the pedestrian environment.
Where additional setback is necessary, activate the area with a courtyard by incorporating
outdoor dining, seating, water features, or public art.

2. This site is located at a prominent southern gateway to the City, and staff recommends the
design of the southwest corner of the building be enhanced to include a more prominent
architectural and/or gateway feature.

3. A portion of the parking structure is visible from Clayton Road and should be properly
screened by a building or architectural treatment.

4. Unify the design of the residential and commercial buildings through consistent massing,
articulation, and materials.

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  • Chicagoan

    Fantastic news about getting rid of the surface parking. This promising development just got a whole lot better!

  • Presbyterian

    The November 24 Clayton planning staff recommendations make a lot of sense to me. I agree this is a good project that can be enhanced further.

  • Kitty

    Is anyone else concerned about the total facelift of the former Schnucks from mid-century Modernist to Suburban-Stripmall corner tower? Site plan and renderings indicate a restaurant in that corner space, all seem to indicate wasted space within the new tower. Don’t get me wrong, new development at this hot corner is very exciting, especially with so little surface parking, but the images thus far remind me of your typical suburban “Mixed Use” (glorified strip mall with apartments or offices on top) development. Hope more thought is given to restoring the Modernist aesthetic of the Schnucks as the design develops.

    • Kitty

      And actually, a closer look at the proposed parking setbacks suggests they’ll need more space than what’s currently there…is the Schnucks in fact staying, or yet another Modernist victim of the wrecking ball in StL?

      • clayton

        I doubt the Schnucks will be leaving due to the new competition here. They should be fine.

        • Alex Ihnen

          The vacant building is an old Schnucks. It will be torn down. The “new” Schnucks further east should be fine.

          • Kitty

            Ah, I was confused about the scope and the reference to a new grocer committing to occupy an existing building. Bummer!!

      • moorlander

        No way. That old Schnucks building will be torn down.

    • moorlander

      This developer almost solely builds suburban strip malls. From the look of it, this is one of their first mixed used developments.


  • Tim E

    I like the original proposal with the tower anchoring the corner and being in line with the residential towers along Hanley. The current rendering suggests to me that the grocery/office for the most part might be financed with some commitments involved and the developer trying to make the rest happen or looking for interest on financing apartments and or investment into residential facility.
    Which gets me to another thought, anyone thought that some new office space coming online in Clayton would end up here? I was expecting at some point some movement on Montgomery Bank tower coming back with some office and or the next phase of 212 Meramac (believe it was originally the Crossings) having some office to it not to mention the next phase of Centene having some leasable space available. Didn’t office space popping up on top of grocery store here.

    • Doug

      Clayton developments are like Bigfoot. Often rumored, rarely seen.

      • moorlander

        TwoTwelve – Demo complete and construction fencing up.
        Opus Apartments – Demo of old Frank building is happening now
        Vanguard Apartments – Demo of old Brown Shoe building is happening now.
        Centene Phase 2 – I predict shovels as early as 2017. I think the $6Billion acquisition of Health Net is delaying things.

  • opendorz

    The building should be 50 stories.

  • symphony musician

    Meeting about this, Thursday at 6:30pm at the elementary school. I’ll be there in full support, as I live in the Moorlands, but I’m sure the NIMBY’s will be there too…

    • Clayton

      A meeting tonight also, I believe at 901 Hanley.

    • moorlander

      Thanks. I will try to attend as well.

    • moorlander

      Did you attend?

  • Presbyterian

    HDA has been on a roll recently. Given the setback of the adjacent building on Hanley, I’m actually okay with the small amount of surface parking. I think this development will be great for that intersection. I hope they can get all their approvals and move forward!

  • Chicagoan

    I really like the round, brick design of the office space, just stinks that they had to put a parking lot in front of it.