Grove Mixed Use Building to See Rehab (4261-67 Manchester)

Restoration St. Louis (AKA the developer duo known as Amrit and Amy Gill) is adding to its portfolio of rehabs on the 4200 block of Manchester (see the previous two, 4236-40 Manchester and 4230-34, here and here, respectively).

The latest project is 4261-67 Manchester, a corner mixed use structure that has been semi-occupied for a long time, but in considerable disrepair nonetheless. The $723,000 building permit to rehab the structure was issued late last week.

Below is a photo of the property in 2008, prior to its being mostly vacated and boarded up by the Gills:



And here is a more recent photo, showing the building to be boarded and its corner-facing facade to have been damaged and patched.



Click here for a map of the area.