Fox2Now’s You Paid For It: South County Connector

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It's always nice when traditional media covers issues that will materially affect our lives for the next half century (it doesn't happen as often as it should). This video of Elliott Davis is remarkable in that it quickly lays bare the complete lack of justification for the South County Connector project. It's always popular to hit on a big dollar amount, and the critique lacks any recognition of the most substantive issues involved. The project is in fact a bad idea at any cost. Davis may be on other hard-hitting news (such as this) tomorrow, but this piece shows that the ill-conceived road project may be facing a critical mass of opposition.

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  • marco

    “As little business as possible we’ll try to destroy. ”

    So we’re accepting of some business destruction? Got it, Yoda.

  • Alex Ihnen

    They’re either being caught off guard and this proposal will be defeated, or their arrogance is justified, they answer to no one and the road will be built.

  • guest

    Earls is quoted in the Post-Dispatch today stating that they have done all of this planning, including proposing taking city parkland and concentrating traffic onto a St. Louis city street, without engaging the Board of Aldermen. Why not? Don’t you think they should have started there?

    • John R

      What’s infuriating to me is that these guys didn’t even have the decency to hold a public meeting in Saint Louis. Oh well, they are only taking a tiny sliver of our park and messing up access to our Metrolink station.

  • jhoff1257

    I am fully confident that I could do Garry Earls’ job a thousand times better than he can.

  • guest

    I’m thinking Garry Earls, Dennis Hicks, and the rest of County Highway Department lives in waaay South County (or possibly Jefferson County), so they all love the project. Like they’re saying, they have to think about the region, not little municipalities like Maplewood!

  • JAE

    Wow! Not a flattering interview for the St. Louis County Chief Operations Officer. “how do you know they will come?” “trust me”.

    And I didn’t have to watch any advertisements.

  • samizdat

    Slightly OT: How evil is that video player, eh? Try to mute the commercial, and the volume icon disappears, and the sound stays on.