• onecity

    Why is there such a strong racial division on this?

    • Alex Ihnen

      Very quickly, IMO, the wards that voted most heavily against this feel that they constantly get ignored (not entirely without reason), and they fear that basically any change is a change by those and for those they blame for ignoring them (imo – this goes too far). The allegiance to the status quo, which very clearly has not served much of the north side well, is a little baffling. Fewer aldermen may not be a salve for north side problems, but why not try something new. Many also publicly expressed that fewer wards will equal fewer black alderman. I fail to see how this will be true.

      • 14 Please

        I think we will get a greater sense of the impact with the resignation of Triplett in the 6th ward. The 6th is going to be a “battle ground” ward with respect to its racial composition. Depending on the scheduling of any special election, it could also impact the mayoral race. What are the chances the special election is scheduled before April 16th?

        • Alex Ihnen

          It is required to be scheduled between 75 and 90 days of the seat being vacated. She’s stepping down this week, so an election will most likely be held in early February.

    • If this holds to what it did in 2005, its not as much a racial divide as it is economic or educational attainment. The 28th and the 8th ward are actually more diverse than the simple view of ‘blacks voted against this’ would predict.

  • Dan

    It upsets me that the 23rd Ward wasn’t closer in percentages to the 28th and especially the 24th. Thanks for putting this on the ballot and keep it up, Mr Ogilve.

  • 1,929 Votes. For the 128,583 total votes cast, that’s how many of the “Yes” tallies would have needed to switch over to the “No” column to affect the otucome. That’s damn close.

    Then, take into account the (according to the UrbanReviewSTL story) 13,459 citizens who submitted ballots but failed to vote on Prop R.

    I suppose we should be thanking this part of the population that, for whatever reason, just…couldn’t…make it…to the end of the ballot to vote on the matter. Who knows how the results would have turned had they done so!

  • Scott Ogilvie

    20% + better in most wards compared to the vote in 2004. 24th ward went from 51% to 71%. Demonstrates that voters all over the city have significantly shifted their view on this – the voters were ready for it.

  • South City Resident

    The colors in the chart don’t match that in the map. For example, Ward 20 should be pink.

    • Alex Ihnen

      Thanks – was working with different revisions of chart and map – should be good now.

  • Eesh. that was close, wasn’t it?! I’m glad I could help tip the scales in one of the reddish wards.

  • Lyda Krewson

    Thank you for the quick & visual analysis