Forest Park Kills Running Path In Favor Of Paying Golfers

{existing running paths in blue, removed path in red}

On my commute home the other day I ran through Forest Park following a path I’ve been taking for nearly four years (yes, I commute home by running several days a week, try THAT in the suburbs!). I knew the Triple A Golf Course had been undergoing renovation, but hoped the running path through it would be finished by now. Well, it’s finished. It’s gone.

I used to play golf but do not anymore. I appreciate golf and think it’s great that there is a course in the city, but the 27 holes in Forest Park consume a lot of space. The Triple A course has now consumed an important running path connection. As you can see from the map, the running path that takes you southeast from near the Boathouse now dead ends. A runner or bike rider must now take Wells Drive either east or west. To the east there is no sidewalk and the going west backtracks.

It may be a seemingly small thing, but Forest Park just became less user friendly for thousands of people. And while many of the attractions in the park are free, the most important purpose of the city park is to provide enjoyment to all users. And I believe that this should be especially true for frequent users and nearby residents. I hope that Forest Park considers non-revenue use of the park on equal terms with golf courses and other attractions and decide to expand the running and bike path network, providing frequent users a better experience.


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