Union at the Grove Wrapping Up

Union at the Grove Wrapping Up

Green Street sent out a press release announcing their ribbon cutting on November 10th in Adams Park at 10 am for Union at the Grove in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood. Here are photos of the development taken October 16th.

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4453 Vista Ashe

4402 Vista Blake

4402 Vista Booker

4484 Vista Iva

4420 Norfolk Knox

4447 Hunt Marshall

As part of the development, street infrastructure was rebuilt. Some missing pieces and compromises are disappointing.

A sidewalk along the east side of Taylor between Vista and Hunt is missing. So much for complete streets. Granted the plan didn’t call for one from the beginning.

The sidewalk on Hunt just dumps you into the street, then what? A walk from Marshall to Iva or up to Manchester means walking or rolling in the street, confounding and dangerous. Extending the sidewalk on the west side of Taylor south of Vista would help.

There is a gap in the sidewalk at Taylor and Norfolk. The plan shows them connected. Completing this bit was delayed while the retaining wall was being sorted out. It will be completed.

The sidewalk on the east side of Taylor is really narrow with streetlight poles in the middle. The vehicle part of Taylor is 20 feet wide here. Maybe the right of way could have been widened a couple feet on the west side south of Swan, since everything was starting from scratch there, to add room for a humane sidewalk on the east side. Too late now. Again extending the sidewalk on the west side of Taylor south would help.

Not a part of Union at the Grove, but adjacent and also by Green Street-

4500 Swan Terra at the Grove

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