Exclusion City #HealTheGrid

Exclusion City #HealTheGrid

Not only is Clara at Delmar blocked with a gate to vehicular traffic, it is blocked for car-free modes as well. The gate on each side of Clara on the sidewalk as chained up. Are we a city that succeeds through connectivity, interaction, openness, and access, or are we a city of walls, barriers, hurdles, and exclusion? The symbolism goes well beyond the reality here. We need to have a conversation about this.#HealTheGrid

It’s already difficult to navigate the area in a car or not with the numerous construction projects and blockages. For someone on foot a detour around this is a huge waste of time, particularly in the winter. #HealTheGrid

According to the parcel map Clara has not been vacated. Is Clara a public street, paid for by all of us, for the public to use or not? #HealTheGrid

Those catching the 97 Delmar bus have to go the long way around. An extra half mile #HealTheGrid

This is the shameful progression of exclusion. When they blocked the streets for cars, I said nothing. Then they blocked the streets for me.

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