WUSTL East End Photo Tour

WUSTL East End Photo Tour

The WUSTL East End project is nearing completion. Let’s go on a photo tour. To reduce conflicts with traffic, Hoyt was removed at-grade. The goal is to have a much more inviting and active outdoor spaces at this end of campus.

WUSTL East End Transformation

The postcard view is back with the Brookings archway framing the top of Ridgley
The steps are back
Tisch Park. I was recently at the University of Minnesota and the East End feels like the expanses that huge Midwestern state schools have.
Sumers Welcome Center
South View
The view of Brookings is meant to impress prospective students.
Drop off at Sumers
Sumers and Weil
Pervious surface
Weil Lobby
Weil staircase
Green wall in Weil
Studio space in Weil
NW view from Weil
Lower level of Sumers looking at Weil
Looking into the garage
Parking is still thneeded
High ceilings provide more options to repurpose this space in the future
I don’t see a physical barrier to allowing the Metro buses thru here

Nextstl – We Want You To Use Transit, But Made It Harder To Use

Kemper Art Museum
Jubel Hall
Makers space
Faculty office
Bridge between Jubel and Whitaker
Engineering Quad
Schnuck Pavilion and Jubel
Nice place to eat
Schnuck Pavilion counter
McKelvey completion expected next year
Was it kind of like this in 1904 when the trees were small?


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