100 St. Louis City Properties Slated for Tax Sale Auction


Up to 100 tax-delinquent city properties will be auctioned off to the highest bidder tomorrow morning. The June tax sale is the first of five held annually and will take place Tuesday, June 26th at 9:00am on the 4th floor of the Civil Courts Building at 10 N Tucker Blvd, downtown St. Louis.


A list of properties to be auctioned is published 2 weeks prior to the sale by the Sheriff’s office. Property owners have until the start of the auction to pay any outstanding taxes and remove the property from auction. The initial list for this auction included 162 properties, of which 62 had already been removed from the auction as of 8am this morning. The most current list of properties to be auctioned is posted in a glass case outside the 11th Street doors of the Civil Court building. Properties removed from the sale are marked off with a red X. The list and corresponding map published here represents the remaining 100 parcels available as of 8am this morning. Properties that receive no bids will be transferred to the Land Reutilization Authority (LRA).


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Three notable commercial properties on North Broadway currently included in the auction are 1800 N Broadway (Opening Bid: $91,727), 1440 N Broadway (Opening Bid: $35,325), and 2020 N Broadway (Opening Bid: $15,184).


1800 N Broadway

1440 N Broadway

2020 N Broadway

NextSTL makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of any information provided here. There are additional costs associated with acquiring tax sale properties that are not represented in the bid amount. We strongly recommend consulting an attorney before bidding on any parcel of property.


Additional information on land tax sales can be found here: