Demo Alert: Wabash Signal Tower

I’ve passed the Wabash signal tower on Sarah on Metrolink many times and figured it would make a cute cafe, doughnut shop, pub, who knows, once the area came to life. Sadly we will never know.

As part of the new station under construction a block away, it is being razed. A $129,900 demolition permit has been applied for to wreck the two buildings on the site. Given there is already room for a third track, it’s a mystery to me why it’s going. This is the kind of fine-grained development that creates place desperately needed in the suburban-office-park-that-happens-to-be-on-an-orthogonal-grid rising around it. Perhaps tearing down the city will work this time.

Statement from Metro:
The tower must be removed to allow new tracks to be built and a grade crossing at Sarah to be installed. The building lies within the sight distance triangle of the grade crossing.