Demo Alert: Big Bend and Clayton

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40 South News reports that Richmond Heights is considering a plan to replace the building at Big Bend and Clayton with an urgent care facility.

The owner of one of the operating businesses in the occupied building, which has an assessed value per acre of $644k, is none too happy about it:

Jon Paul had several comments. He said he heard about the plan on Thursday last week.

“They’re taking away the nostalgic look of the town with all this building **** that they’re doing that looks like crap,” he said. “It’s a historical building and it could have been redone to where it would look phenomenal. The people who are doing it want to buy the building and tear it down and Richmond Heights is letting them do it. There’s nothing we can do.”

I couldn’t find any renderings or site plans on the Richmond Heights website. One has to go in person to Richmond Heights City Hall 8:30-5:00 M-F to see related documentation. Pretty pathetic transparency. I suppose such a small city just doesn’t have the capacity to inform citizens by putting such things online. Here is the meeting agenda for the Plan and Zoning Commission which will meet August 24th at 7 pm.

PUBLIC HEARING: PETITION 2017- 10: TAUC Properties LLC, Mark Harriman, Joe Godfrey, Dr. Matt Bruckel seeking Site Plan Review to permit the construction of an urgent care medical facility at 1005 S. Big Bend Blvd.

The petition and rendering is posted on the Richmond Heights website Plan and Zoning approved the plan.

Update 9/5/2017: Richmond Heights City Council approved the project.

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  • brickhugger

    The owner bought the building in august of last year. The company is called Berkadia, which is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. So Warren Buffett’s company wants to demolish a perfectly salvageable building for a user that can’t demonstrate a real need to be on that corner.

  • moorlander

    Council meeting is tonight 730 RH city hall

    44 and Hampton for attention

  • NotApologizing

    They should do it at the old Schnucks at Clayton and Hanley. How long is that going to sit empty?

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  • Woody Stemms

    Historic building? Is it on the National List of Historic Places? Has it even been nominated? Sorry to say folks, that building is toast. It’s on a high-traffic corner, and the owner wants to cash-in. One way or the other, it will be bulldozed and replaced. It’s all about the money, and is probably already a “done deal”. Look what happened in St. Louis when the owners of an official historic building ( Southwest Bank ), in an official historic district ( Reber Place Historic District ) get approval to bulldoze most of it for yet another Walgreens despite 88% of the residents being opposed to the project. The fix was in, the neighborhood got screwed, and the system worked as intended.

  • Amanda

    Are there any petitions or anything – I wasn’t able to go to the meeting with Grad school but I’d like to help try to stop this.

    • rgbose

      Try calling or writing to the RH city council members. And/or the owner’s of TAUC.

  • Kay Williams

    No certificates of need for urgent care centers??? St Mary’s Medical Center is just a few blocks East. Many office spaces etc would seem ideal area for urgent care center. And there is the MEDICAL OFFICE bld just across the street from this property that had empty office spaces and parking also next to public parking. (Seems more applicable for this business, not sure who owns what or contracts for use, etc…costs, etc..)

  • Whipple

    SAD, but all in all a good thing, as Mid county moves closer and closer to full suburbia people that care about their built environment will have to get out of the suburbs and come to St Louis, a good thing

    • HolyFrijoles11

      No, it’s not. Urgent care facilities are not good ground level uses. This is an overall loss for the area.

    • The Mad Archivist

      Find you some great quality public schools and you might actually see some mass movement. But I can go and live in Webster or Kirkwood and find houses that are 120 years old

      • Justin

        Are your QT needs satisfied in Webster or Kirkwood? There’s probably only 1 or 2 QTs in each of those cities and you may find yourself having to travel over a mile for mediocre food and coffee!

        • The Mad Archivist

          Not really sweetheart. You know yesterday I was in QuikTrip and I actually created a new drink, it’s one part coffee, one part blue slushie, and one part dr. pepper. This creation is only possible through QuikTrip.

      • moorlander

        Please find somewhere else to talk about QT.

        • The Mad Archivist

          Sweetie, I have so much more to share

          • Adam

            I looked at your profile. Basically every post you’ve ever made is confrontational, and you seem to think that calling people “sweetie” and “sweetheart” is cute or condescending or something because you drop it in every other comment. Pretty gimmicky. Either you love QT or you think you’re being clever. Fine. Do you have anything grown-up to say that’s actually relevant to this discussion? QT isn’t relevant ’cause a QT ain’t happening here.

      • Whipple

        The built environment is about a lot more than old houses, kwood is absolute suburban shit, they destroyed the downtown for parking. Webster actually has a viable downtown and a university, you can almost live like a human there. But it’s an island, when they said no to metrolink they said now to a functional urban future. Now it’s just waiting to die like the rest of st louis county.

  • Amy Hamilton
    • rgbose

      Thanks! I added it to the article

  • Guest

    Is this what the people really want? I’m sure folks will have their say one way or another.

  • moorlander

    I stopped by and and reviewed the plans submitted last week.

    The good : The proposed building would be build up to the street with parking on the south side (a similar footprint to the existing building.)

    The bad: we’d lose a beautiful old brick beauty. The exterior has a Red brick lower half with eifs upper and lots of awnings. Looks cheap.

    I was told the building is in rough shape due to neglect and deferred maintenance by previous owners. Right now the Florist and Consignment/Antique shop are the only tenets. The upper floor residential and office is vacant.

    I think we should be pushing for Total Access Urgent Care to purchase the current building and rehab it Hopefully keeping the existing tenets. A bonus would be reopening the residential on floor 2.

  • Michael Smith

    The Professional Building across the street has a lot of vacant office space. Why not remodel the empty space in that building. I think that would be better since much of the building was occupied by doctors and dentist.

    • disqus_RZdf6Pakat

      exactly, that building is ugly as hell and the site has huge amounts of parking. personally if I were the design god I’d tear down that POS or at least reclad it before this one. short of tearing down the ugly one across BB, since it is already a med professional building it has to have the mech/HVAC shafts required to hook up just about anything.

  • Ian Storm

    I sent an email to the TAUC Leadership team and their FB page.

    Crazy that they already have it on their website as Coming Soon when it hasnt’ even gone through P&Z yet.

  • The Mad Archivist

    You know if this was going to go away (it shouldn’t) I’d much rather it be replaced by a Quiktrip than an urgent care. That corner could really use a larger gas station and I think we can all agree that Quiktrip has excellent food–the newer stations just go out of their way to make every stop inside a treat.

    • rgbose

      I think QT would want a lot more space. It looks like their location at Big Bend and Manchester is about 4 times bigger than the parcel this building occupies.

      • The Mad Archivist

        In that case, I guess we just need to go 3x bigger than this parcel. Nobody likes Pointers Pizza anyway, and I don’t necessarily want to pull out onto a one way, divided Clayton road. This way we can keep the corner lot intact. Win/Win.

        • HUMANteethMARKS

          Shuva #pointersauras up yet a-s-s. @pointerspizza is great and I’ll eat there #comingsoon

        • disqus_RZdf6Pakat

          aww Pointer’s is good, maybe not my favorite but just fine. wouldja rather have a Domino’s?

          • The Mad Archivist

            I’d rather have Quick Trip

    • Adam

      I would argue that 2 gas stations is more than enough for this 0.8 mile stretch of Clayton, and that Quiktrip’s food is only excellent compared to a McDonald’s dumpster. No offense intended, but it’s discouraging to me that–in a region riddled with scars from these types of developments–so many still get excited over the prospect of yet another QT.

    • Framer

      Good god no more Quick Trips! I despise them for the destruction they’ve already caused around town, and I refuse to patronize them.

  • WikiWild

    The two buildings sandwiching the Bread Co. has a combined 16k SF vacant. The site is ~0.29 acre. The new urgent care on the SE corner of Hampton/I-44 is ~0.40 acre and that site looks tight. I’m surprised they think they can fit there. Unreal that there is another Urgent care 1400 ft away on the same street and they are considering approving this.

  • Madeline

    There’s a brand new Urgent Care less than a minute from this location (at Wise and Big Bend). This makes no sense.

  • MC

    PROTEST NOW! Let us organize a major protest. We the residents will not let this happen.

  • Justin

    I live near this building and would be very disappointed if they decided to tear this building down.

    Also there is a small urgent care clinic a few blocks south on Big Bend Road and St Mary’s Hospital just down the street. Don’t really think this is a needed addition to the neighborhood.

  • STLEnginerd

    Wait the owner is against it…? So they are planning to use imminent domain?

    -There is no critical community need fulfilled. (St. Mary’s Hospital is literally a few blocks away)
    -There is ample adjacent underutilized land.
    -The owner is opposed to the project.
    -The building is in reasonably good repair, and is (as far as I know) actively in use.

    I can’t believe this will go through but then again IF it does its truly frightening the hurdles they would cross to tear down their historic buildings in favor of newness.

    • rgbose

      I believe Mr. Paul owns one of the businesses, not the building. According to county tax records the building is owned by Big Clay LLC.

    • Amy Hamilton

      Not the owner, I think they may be speaking of the building tenant. The owner is who is asking to sell the building to the Urgent Care.

  • Christopher Dimza

    Why can’t they put the urgent care at Clayton and Hanley-in that ugly, vacant building with a parking lot? I think it used to be a Schnucks, but I’m not sure.

    • Justin

      Last I heard there were some plans to building some retail and a mid-rise apartment tower on that site. So it might be tied up at the moment. However, would still be a better site than the current proposal.

  • John

    Agree that the historic structure should remain. It has a lot of character and style that a new building could not easily replicate. Enhance and restore the existing building, and remove the overhead head utility poles in lieu of street grates, trees, and planters. Create a sense of place and a better streetscape.

  • Benjamin Aronov

    Is there anyway to do anything?

    • rgbose

      Speak out at the public hearing tomorrow night, contact RH city council members is all I can think of.

      • Benjamin Aronov

        Attend the meeting tomorrow but also contact TAUC.

        I’ve used them many times and love the place but will absolutely stop going to them if they tear that building down!
        They are a locally run business and so they should actually give a damn about their customers.

        Here is a link to their leadership team with emails:
        Also here is a link to their Founder/CEO/President:

        St. Louis deserves better than the status quo, that building deserves to live!

        • moorlander

          What the hell?! He lives right up Big Bend in a historic mansion.

          • lutherwoman

            The owner is pushy. Get ready for him to push back.

  • Gabe

    Horrible loss if this actually does go through.