Glendale’s New City Hall, Police HQ, and Fire Station by JEMA Moves Ahead

This past year, residents of the suburb of Glendale, MO approved an $8M bond issue to construct a new Glendale Municipal Center. The project’s $5.2M construction cost is being financed two new taxes, a property tax at 34.6 cents per $100 assessed value, and a new sales tax of .25%, which began this year.

JEMA was awarded the design contract this past fall. The project has now been released for construction bids. Once a builder has been selected, construction should take approximately 18 months. Glendale’s existing municipal building dating from 1915 will be renovated as a new City Hall and Police headquarters. Two homes were demolished to the south to make way for a new fire station.

Glendale, MO is a community of 5,925 residents per the 2010 Census. The town’s population peaked in 1960 at 7,048, declining by 13.6% in the 1970s. Since 1980, the population has declined less than 2%. The mayor of Glendale is Richard J. Magee, who was elected to a sixth term in 2015.

Existing conditions:

The two homes demolished to make way for the new fire station:

Project models and design concept from JEMA:


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  • John

    Looks nice. I like the JEMA aesthetics.

  • moorlander

    My grandfather, Philip A Timpone, was the Mayor of Glendale at the peak – from 1957 to 1969. 🙂

  • rgbose

    Perhaps merge with Kirkwood and save $5.2M?

    • Jeremy Glover


    • Nick

      If, say, Glendale merged into Kirkwood, the savings would be far less than $5.2M seeing as how the population of Kirkwood would increase by 30% in a day. You might save a couple million, maybe. Seeing as how Kirkwood and Glendale have almost identical demographics, the fact that there ISN’T ever talk of the two merging proves that the residents would rather pay the premium to have their own services.

      • Riggle

        Protect every fiefdom in the far flung suburbs, its worked so well so far…