Bike, Ped, Road Enhancements Coming to Wells and Government Drives in Forest Park

Forest Park Forever continues to work through its long term improvement plan for transportation in Forest Park. Next up is a project to update and improve connections along Wells and Government Drives in the park’s southwest corner.

While the two roads have been long in need of resurfacing, the biggest changes will be the introduction of a roundabout at the intersection of Wells and Government, and new pedestrian crossings at multiple locations. It’s difficult to imagine why existing conditions were ever considered adequate for the park. Perhaps a simple lack of funding and planning direction are to blame.

Regardless, Wells Drive from Tamm Avenue west and Government Drive from the St. Louis Zoo’s north parking lot west will close later this month.

Several years ago, access to the park from Skinker Boulevard at Wells Drive was restricted to an entrance, while Government Drive traffic was directed east toward Tamm. The temporary closure with concrete street barricades isn’t subtle, but has not prevented drivers from exiting the park against traffic.

In its place will be a roundabout which should prevent that traffic movement. Also included is a bike path slip for cyclists traveling east to west through the intersection.

wells_government-drive_forest-park-3 wells_government-drive_forest-park-2

Before and after of the pedestrian path near the zoo’s north parking lot:


Before and after of the improved intersection at Tamm and Wells:


Two additional pedestrian crossings connecting the park’s trail network will be introduced on Government Drive, where sidewalks will also be introduced:


  • brickhugger

    I’m glad to see these improvements, but I still would like to see 6 foot wide sidewalks on all 4 sides of the park, on both sides of Skinker, Lindell, Kingshighway, and Oakland. Some areas have them, some do not, and it would be a big improvement in my book.

    • kjohnson04

      That’s a problem many parks in St. Louis have. Tower Grove Park only has sidewalks on the park side on Kingshighway and Grand. Arsenal and Magnolia do not. Sherman Park in North St. Louis appears to recently have been surrounded on the perimeter by sidewalk.

      • brickhugger

        Looks like fairgrounds park and O’Fallon park are the same way. Also Carondelet park.

  • STLSiteGal

    Per usual… please credit the work.

    • Alex Ihnen

      Happy to. I posted this in order to describe some of the changes and share the good news that improvements are coming. Looking at the Forest Park Forever announcement (, I don’t see any mention of designed or is constructing the project. I’ll add that info when I have it.

  • tbatts666

    Great! I’m a huge fan of curb bulb outs and roundabouts! Will certainly make the park feel safer! Wish we could get more of this in the walkable main streets in our city!