Sleeve a Message, Additional Businesses Give New Life to Former Grand Oak Hill Community Corporation


Cities are built by people. In St. Louis, we have block after block after block of beautiful historic buildings that have been repurposed and repurposed again over the past century. Often, these buildings have survived years of neglect and vacancy.

Our historic buildings need people. David Dresner and 15th Ward Alderwoman Megan Green understand this. The two teamed up to find a new future for the former Grand Oak Hill Community Center at 4168 Juniata Street. Dresner, the Founder and CEO of Sleeve a Message, has moved that company’s office into the 10,000sf building. Also planned is Crispy Edge (a USDA pot sticker factory and restaurant concept) and office space for additional small businesses.

“David’s vision will bring energy to the neighborhood, and we’re very excited about his investment and engagement in the community,” Green shared in a press release.

Dresner was complimentary of Green’s support in the purchase and redevelopment of the building. “Alderwoman Green was extremely helpful in navigating city government, helping me obtain the right permits to inhabit the building with lots of businesses,” Dresner stated. “There are seven businesses currently operating in the building with the capacity to include more.”